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10 Grizzly Bear Fights We Wouldn’t Want to Break Up [PICS]


“Get in a bear fight is on my bucket list,” said no one ever.

Check out these ten bear fights that clearly portray how vicious grizzlies can be.

Whether it’s fighting for food, love, or territory, it’s going to get rough.

10. This is what you call toe-to-toe.

Bear Brawl 1
Pinterest/Lee Bear


9. Don’t mess with me.

Bear Brawl 2


8. No fear in those eyes.

Bear Brawl 3
Zoo Chat

7. Look at my teeth!

Bear Brawl 4


6. Not the gonads!

Bear Brawl 5
Independent Music


5. When drowning is a viable option.

Bear Brawl 6

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4. You’re choking me!

Bear Brawl 7
Fred Miranda


3. Those are some glossy coats. Must be eating a lot of fish oil. 

Bear Brawl 8
Deviant Art


2. I hear you! You don’t have to yell.

Bear Brawl 9


1. I think these two are just checking each others breath.

Bear Brawl 10
P Base


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10 Grizzly Bear Fights We Wouldn’t Want to Break Up [PICS]