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10 Great Bass Fishing Videos Guaranteed to Teach You a Few Things

Justin Hoffman

Bass fishing is a never-ending game of education. Here are ten top videos guaranteed to teach you something new.

There's always something new to learn in the game of bass fishing. Whether it is a new tactic, bait, or even a boat positioning pointer, bringing a new skill set to the lake will up your odds for reeling in more fish.

YouTube is the new text book for instant information - a wealthy source of video submissions at our fingertips. Here are ten of my favorite bass videos that are sure to help you become a better angler.

1. Find and catch bass from grass beds

2. How to fish a wacky rig

3. Power fish a tube

4. Score a touchdown with football jigs

5. Tough bites call for big shaky head worms

6. Stroke jigs for offshore bass

7. Glide bait tips

8. Buzzbait fishing 101

9. Seven deep diving crankbait tips

10. Fishing crankbaits through grass

There you have it, folks. A wealth of fishing information condensed into one easy-to-access resource. Give these tips a try next time you hit the water. I guarantee you'll catch more fish.


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10 Great Bass Fishing Videos Guaranteed to Teach You a Few Things