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10 Gifts for the Prepper Who's Already Prepared for Everything

Farson Blade

Looking for the perfect gift for that prepper with a bomb shelter full of bottled water, ammunition, and everything else?

What do you get the prepper who's already prepared for everything? Skip the bottled water and baked bean stocking stuffers and check out these nifty products.

1. The Flamestower


Perfect gift for the technologically advanced prepper who wants to maintain the use of their gadgets when the world around them goes offline. This little device will charge any USB device from a small flame.

2. Chiappa Firearms "Little Badger" 22LR


While every prepper probably has a few firearms, they probably don't have one like this. This break-barrel rifle is lightweight, compact and backpack friendly.

3. Wacaco MiniPresso

minipressoThe Wacaco MiniPresso was recently debuted at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer show, and has been mentioned on Wide Open Spaces as one of a dozen Must Have New Products for Hiking and Survival. The handheld device contains a cup, filter basket, scoop, and tamper; everything to create a quality shot of espresso and weighs less than a pound.

4. Lee Handheld Ammunition Press

Even if you have a stockpile of ammo, you're probably going to run out at some point. This handheld ammunition press is not only portable and compact, it's also pretty affordable. Being able to make reloads in the field or without the aid of a bench sets this particular press apart from bench mounted models.

5. FireCord

This dual-purpose product combines the use of paracord with an inner core of waterproof fire tinder. The two materials combined can be slowly burned like a candle to provide light in an emergency situation. It's also made in the USA.

6. Lifestraw Water Filter


There might be bottled water in the bomb shelter, but what happens when it runs dry? The LifeStraw Water Filter works just like a straw as the name suggests. It removes practically all waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, surpasses EPA guidelines for E. coli, giardia, cryptosporidium oocysts and many others. Time Magazine named this product the Invention of the Year in 2005. An additional perk to your gift purchase is that a portion of all sales go to support clean-water projects worldwide.

7. Hunt, Gather, Cook


Every prepper should have some analog reading material just in case the power goes out, the internet connection is gone, and your digital connection to is no longer reachable. This classic text gives basic instructions on how to make a meal from scratch based upon what the wilderness provides.

8. The Farson Blade


This blade might look a little unusual, but that's the beauty of this product. Wrapped with a 550 paracord, you can easily affix it to a handle and use it as a hatchet. It's ergonomic style gives you added control over the blade while also being much lighter than most typical survival knives. It's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry for a number of various uses.

9. Slidebelt


If you really want to give the prepper in your family the gift they can everyday carry, this item is a great multi-purpose tool that they can wear. With a built in knife, LED light, and Ferrocerium fire starting rod, Bruce Wayne probably wears one of these to the office.

10. Columbia Sportswear (With Survival Tool Label Included)


This is another everyday carry item that makes a great gift for a prepper. While it might seem slightly gimmicky, Columbia has started to include wallet-sized survival tools on their product care tags. Given that in the event of an emergency, you're more than likely already wearing rain gear and carrying your wallet anyway, having both of these on hand is a great way to be prepared.

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10 Gifts for the Prepper Who's Already Prepared for Everything