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10 Great Gifts for the Female Huntress

Put a smile on the face of your favorite huntress this holiday season.

Finding gifts for any special lady can be difficult, especially when she is a fellow hunter. If you do not hunt or shoot and she does, you are really behind the eight ball. Don’t worry though; help has arrived. I can personally vouch that each of these gifts will be welcomed under any tree.

Instead of giving her get the same things non-hunters are getting, give her something she will cherish and can use in the field.

Here is a list of ten gifts that will remind her why she keeps you around all year long.

1. Give her conservation

Conservation is huge, and because of it we have the places and the animals to hunt. Why not give her the gift of conservation? Either make a donation in her name or better yet, find out what she loves to hunt then buy her a membership that reflects that passion. Organizations such as Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Foundation, and National Rifle Association are just a few that are out there. Her membership will bring her magazine throughout the year, and help preserve a sport she loves.


2. Warm her heart and feet

Nothing can ruin a day of hunting or a relationship like cold feet. Warm her feet up this year with a pair of ThermaCell Heated Insoles. They are rechargeable and can provide about 5 hours of toasty warm feet while hunting. Just don’t ask to borrow them too often.

WOS-ThermaCell Heated Insoles
ThermaCell Heated Insoles

3. Custom binoculars

Nothing says I love you more than her own customized binoculars. Well, maybe other things do, but a pair of Maven B1 binoculars will be all hers and help her stand out in the crowd. Maven offers over a thousand variations on their binoculars, so it is highly unlikely anyone else will have a pair just like hers. Maven binoculars are so well made that someday she can hand them down to her little hunter or huntress as well.

Maven B1 Binoculars

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4. Camo for Her

Women’s camouflage clothing has come a long way; why not treat her to a new set of hunting clothing? There are many companies who make women specific camouflage now, companies such as Under Armour, offer stylish practical camo. Their Women’s ColdGear® Infrared Speed Freek Jacket will keep her from being detected, but always lethal, and are made for a woman’s body.

Under Armour Women’s ColdGear® Infrared Speed Freek Jacket

5. Non-camo Option

If your lady doesn’t enjoy hunting, but loves to busts clays at the local range with you, you can still get her something made just for her. The Eddie Bauer Sport Shop offers a Micro Therm™ StormDown Jacket that will keep her shooting well into the coldest weather. This is their lightest and warmest jacket ever and will snug her curves and not interrupt her swing as she goes for that crossing pair.

Eddie Bauer Sport Shop Micro Therm™ StormDown Jacket

6. Jewelry

What lady doesn’t like jewelry? You can get her custom made jewelry to match her outdoor passions as well. Cabela’s has a wide selection of jewelry to compliment her beauty, such as these elk ivory earrings or a matching pendant.

Cabela’s Frontier Collection Custom 10-Kt. Elk Ivory Earrings

7. Make Her a Star

What woman doesn’t like being the center of attention sometimes, especially after she is successful in the field. Let her be the star of her own hunting video by getting her her own WaspCam Gideon. This little POV is slightly smaller than the GoPro Hero and will have her capturing her hunts and sharing them with you for years to come.

WaspCam Gideon

8. Put a Sparkle On Her Eyes

Nothing says I’m a huntress better than a pair of Realtree® AP™ pink camo sunglasses from Costa®. Their Austin sunglasses are just the think to fight the traffic on the way home from work, or to look good on her way to camp with you. Even though you may hide those baby blues, she’ll show you her pearly white smile when she opens these.

WOS-Costa Austin
Costa® Austin Sunglasses

9. Something Cooler

Winter won’t last forever, and eventually the warm days of spring and summer will be back and she’ll be back at the fields watching youth sports. Give her a Yeti Hopper this year and watch how often she uses it. The Yeti Hopper looks like your average cooler bag, but it is much more. Not only will it keep her favorite beverages cold for days, it is leakproof and won’t leak all over her or her hunting rig. Maybe she will even let you bring it along when you’re checking your trail cameras next summer.

Yeti Hopper
Yeti Hopper

10. Give Her Some Bang-Bang

Ammunition in certain calibers and gauges is hard to find, and no matter what ammo you’re buying it isn’t inexpensive. Buy her a case of her favorite load for the holidays. If it doesn’t come in an attractive box, buy a reproduction ammo box to give it to her in. She’ll love the double gift and will probably want to hit the range with you over the holidays.

Winchester Ammo Box

These are not the traditional gifts, and she’s not the traditional woman, so be sure to check your list twice, because we know she’s been super nice this year.

What are you planning on getting your huntress this holiday season? Did any of these suggestions make you think of other gifts to give her?

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