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10 Gifts Under $50 for the Gun Nut Who Has Everything

Here are 10 thoughtful gifts for your favorite gun nut.

Most of the time, the hard part of gift giving is finding something the person wouldn’t buy for him or herself. In some cases, though, it’s finding the things they haven’t already bought for themselves. Gun nuts present one of the most daunting of gift-giving challenges, but never fear; we’ve unearthed the 10 things they (probably) don’t have yet.

1. Bison Designs X-Stream Survival Pod


Price: $23-29.99
Why it’s great: The pod includes all the necessary survival tools, such as a Sharp Eye™ knife and sheath, a 1″ Magnesium fire starter stick, 6″ of duct tape, 15′ of fishing line, Gram reusable hot glue, a 1 1/2″ hacksaw blade, two live bait hooks, a 1/4″ sewing needle, and more. This really is a neat gift for anyone who “has everything.”

2. Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion-Sensitive Gun Safe Light


Price: $18.45

Why it’s great: Not only is this light super-bright and motion activated, but you can also adjust the lights for directional lighting. This will solve the #1 problem associated with storing guns at home: low light.

3. Otis Cleaning Tactical Cleaning System

otis cleaning kit

Price: $25.47

Why it’s great: Obviously, any self-respecting gun nut already has gun cleaning supplies. However, he or she might not be cleaning with Otis, which replaces the more traditional cleaning rods with innovative memory-flex cables. The cables don’t just make it easier and more pleasant to clean the barrel of any gun; they also make it much more difficult to damage the barrel in any way during cleaning. The tactical kit packs into a lightweight hockey-puck-sized container that makes the perfect on-the-go travel cleaning kit, if nothing else.

4. Backup Tactical Thread Protector



Price: $29.99

Why it’s great: This one breaks the ultra-practical pattern we’ve followed so far to put the “fun” in “functional.” Chances are, your gun nut owns a gun with a threaded barrel, and if so, why not make him or her the envy of the range by capping off that barrel with one of Backup Tactical’s unique thread protectors.

5. Snagmag In-Pocket Holster


Price: $34.95
Why it’s great: Snagmag is a magazine holster that makes an extra magazine as concealable as a pocket knife. In fact, it makes the magazine holster look just like a pocket knife. This might be the perfect supplement to your gun nut’s concealed carry system.

Tip: Make sure to get the right holster depending on whether your gun nut is right- or left-handed.

6. Arachnigrip Slide Spider


Price: $24.95

Why it’s great: If the backup tactical thread protector isn’t the type of range swag that would tickle your gun nut’s fancy, this probably will. Not only does it look cool, but, especially for shooters whose grip might be weakened by arthritis or for other reasons, the slide spider makes it easier to pull that slide back. In fact, your gun nut might already have a slide spider… but they might not have it in their state flag design.

 7. The Perfect Pistol Shot


Price: $10.66

Why it’s great: Speaking as editors, this is one of the best-written books that’s made it to our shelves here at Wide Open Spaces. Not only that, but reading it has been a transformative experience for new and seasoned handgun shooters alike. This book contains some of the best shooting advice out there, and if your gun nut is always striving to shoot straighter, no matter how good of a shot they might be, they’re not above the advice of former U.S. Marine Corps firearms instructor Albert H. League III.

8. Real Avid Magnetic Bore Light


Price: $9.99

Why it’s great: This ultra-bright light with an embedded magnet, can be attached to virtually any part of a gun to illuminate those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Especially if your gun nut is a collector, this is an indispensable tool… and it’s definitely better than that bulky tactical flashlight they’ve been using.

9. Uzi Tactical Pen


Price: $20.96

Why it’s great: Uzi makes a whole line of tactical pens with all kinds of interesting capabilities, such as a built-in glassbreaker and handcuff key. This gift might border on geeky, but if your gun nut also has a day job, they might appreciate the thoughtful addition to their workspace.

10. TAC SHIELD Magazine Pouches


Price: Varies

Why it’s great: Your gun nut already knows that not all gear is created equal, but gun nuts might not always choose the highest quality accessories when shopping for themselves. Check out this glowing gear review of these magazine pouches for more information.

Finally, nothing on this list seems like an appropriate gift… well, your gun nut really does have everything. But they always need more ammo!


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10 Gifts Under $50 for the Gun Nut Who Has Everything