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10 Funniest Hunting Gag Gifts Money Can Buy


These 10 hunting gag gifts are so awesome, they make vegans want to get into hunting!

These are the perfect hunting gag gifts for every type of hunter: from the die hard, bearded mountain man to the stay at home dad who gets to hunt one afternoon every season.

1. Beerbelly 80-ounce bladder


A little something to rock under that Mossy Oak Obsession Tee. This bladder is perfect for when a 6-pack just ain't gonna cut it.

2. Bear spray backpack

This is for the guy that missed his kill shot and needs to make a run for it! Believe it or not, the Bear Spray Backpack is a real product and can be purchased here.

3. Off road commode hitch mount

For the time when nature truly does call! The commode is only complete with a roll of camo toilet paper.

4. Corn poop hand soap


Corn poop hand soap is strictly for the guy that spends too much time sampling from his deer feeder. Don't worry. It doesn't actually smell like poop, at least I hope it doesn't!

5. Proof that Daddy isn't always hunting


Here is one for the stay at home dad! Don't worry, we have your back! Available for purchase here.

6. The camo peepee teepee


Just to make sure all the dads know we have their back. Here is one product that will surely come in handy!

7. Deer rear bottle opener


I don't think I need to explain this one. Should be pretty clear to everyone what is going on here.

8. Hunters Reserve Roadkill Sausage gift pack


Where rubber meats the road! For the guy who always leaves the woods empty handed. Available for purchase here.

9. Camo 6-pack holder

The camo 6-pack holder keeps those shiny cans hidden when one beer just isn't enough.

10. The perfect card


This one is worthy of the wall of shame! Available for purchase here.

Be sure to share these with your friends who love hunting just as much as we do!


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10 Funniest Hunting Gag Gifts Money Can Buy