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10 Foolproof Ways to Be the First in the Woods and the First with a Deer This Season [PICS]

Be the first to head to the woods and fill your tag fast with this 10 tips. 

If time is of the essence or you simply want to fill your tag fast check out these 10 fool-proof ways to be in the first in the woods with a deer.

1. The early bird gets the worm.

If you’re hunting a highly pressured property, beating the crowd can certainly pay off. Slip into your stand early before everyone else even shows up. When the other hunters come stumbling in they just might bump a deer your direction.

2. Preparation is king.

Well if you’ve had opening day marked on the calendar for months you’re already at an advatage. Having food plots planted and treestands hung, you’ll be able to make opening day count unlike anyone else.

3. Not too selective.

velvet deer

This might sound obvious, but hunters sometime get hung up on waiting for a specifc deer. There’s nothing wrong with that method by all means, but just know it will take longer to fill your tag.

4. Utilize scouting tools.

Using trail cameras a can offer an advantage of knowing deer patterns without much invested time. The data from the trail camera may help with game time decisions like stand placement or setup. Deer are the most predictable during early season, so use it your advantage.

5. Have your gear ready.

trail camera

More than likely your gear is tucked away in the garage or in storage. Be sure to eliminate scent from your various gear and make sure everything is still operational. It can frustrating scurrying around opening morning trying to find everything.

6. Hunt over food sources.

ftd early season
Community Deer Gear

Hunting over green foods in the early season can pay dividends for filling a tag quickly. Depending on the situation, deer can pile into a food plot. If there are no food plots on your property, I suggest hunting over a uncut bean field or near a fruit trees.

7. Have an entry strategy.

Early season hunting boils down to intercepting deer coming from their bedding and going to food sources. The last thing a hunter wants to do is bump into their bedding area while headed to their treestand. Be conscious of wind direction and ideally know the area so you can enter the woods undetected.

8. Beat the heat.

Early season is often plenty warm and the deer know that also. During early season, day activity for deer is minimal. Most deer are bedded all day and finally start to get up and start moving in the evening. If you had to pick between a moring or evening hunt in the early season, pick the evening hunt.

9. Hunt water sources.

water sources
Game and Fish

Depending on your geographical area this might be more important than other places in the country. If you’re hunting in state that’s stricken with drought and there is only a few streams in the area, hunting the water sources can be beneficial. However, in most states in the Midwest deer get enough hydration from leafy green foods and streams are plentiful.

10. Fight bugs scent free.

Bugs can be horrendous during early season. Thermacells are good way to beat the buggy hunts. Using traditional bug sprays would likely tip off deer something isn’t normal.

You should be well on your way for heading to the woods and filling a tag quickly with these 10 tips and tactics.

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10 Foolproof Ways to Be the First in the Woods and the First with a Deer This Season [PICS]