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10 Foods to Cook over a Campfire Next Time You Hit the Trail [PICS]

There are more foods to cook over a campfire than just marshmallows and hot dogs.

Everyone knows the best part of camping is the chocolatey, gooey s’mores made over the fire, but there are a lot more foods to cook over a campfire than just marshmallows.

Try out some of these foods on your next camping trip.


Apron Strings

These blueberry orange muffins are a great way to start your day at the campsite. Wrap them in foil and throw them directly into the fire. They are made inside of orange peels, which keeps the muffins from burning.

Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls
Whimsy Love

These cinnamon rolls are one of the easiest foods to cook on your campfire. You make them just like roasting a marshmallow. Buy store bought cinnamon rolls, wrap them around a stick, and roast them over the fire for a gooey, delicious camping breakfast.


Ninth and Bird

All of the prepping for making burritos over a campfire is done at home. Assemble the burritos at home and wrap them in foil. At the campsite, toss the wrapped burritos on the fire to heat them up and enjoy.

You can fill your burritos with breakfast foods like eggs and potatoes, dinner foods like ground beef and beans, or snacky foods like cheese.


Brazilian picanha steaks and pineapple skewers on grill

Pineapple is amazing when grilled. But you will need a grate to go over your fire. Cut the pineapple at home and when ready to cook, thread them on kebob skewers, cook until they are caramelized, and eat them as a side or on top of ice cream.


Eating in Neverland

Onions are a great food to cook over a campfire. You can slice them, wrap in a foil packet, and place on the coals for topping hot dogs and steak. Or you can try these onion bombs that are also wrapped in foil and tossed right into the fire.


Serious Eats

Chili can take a lot of ingredients and a little prep, but once you get everything into the pot and on top of the fire, you can let it sit and cook while you play around the campground.

The great thing about chili is you can customize it by using any type of meat and adding any vegetables you want.


Potatoes are a versatile food to cook over a campfire. You can make a foil packet by dicing them up, adding some sliced onion, onion powder, and garlic powder and placing them in the coals or you can also leave them whole, wrap them in foil, place in the fire, and you have a baked potato.


Of course, any kind of meat is great when you grill it. You will need a grate to place over your campfire and then you can cook any type of meat you have. You can pre-cube the meat and make kebobs to add vegetables as well.


Real Simple

Popcorn is a great snack for everyone around the campfire. Everyone can make their own personal snack pack of popcorn and use seasoning to spice it up. All you need is sticks, string, foil, popcorn, and oil.


Nuts are a great snack food and you can make them right over your campfire. Roast them in a pan to take with you for a delicious, healthy, and energizing trail snack.

For spicy nuts use raw almonds, canola oil, chili powder, and cayenne. For sweet nuts use raw pecans, canola oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar.

Make sure you have everything you need to make these fun and delicious foods and recipes on your next camping trip.

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10 Foods to Cook over a Campfire Next Time You Hit the Trail [PICS]