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These 10 Fishing Songs Will Have You Ready to Get out on the Water [VIDEO]

fishing songs

Here are a few fishing songs to get you excited to head out on the water.

Whether it is a song to listen to at work while you wish you were fishing, while you are in the truck headed to the lake, or even in the boat out on the water, these 10 fishing songs will get you in the fishing frame of mind.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 fishing songs to get you through until the next time you hit the water…

Luke Bryan – “Tackle Box”

Luke Bryan captures how fishing really got started for a lot of us with this song. Every time we go fishing, most of us have someone we think of. Usually it’s the person who introduced us to the sport and something about our love for fishing will always be tied to them.


Brad Paisley – “I’m Gonna Miss Her”

Life is full of tough decisions, especially when it comes to fishing. Sometimes those decisions are hard to make, and sometimes it is a pretty simple choice.


Rodney Atkins – “The River Just Knows”

Just a reminder of how serene fishing can be. Sometimes it’s not about what you catch, it’s the process and spending that time out on the water.


Robert Earl Keen – “Five Pound Bass”

Whether it’s what we are actually doing, or just what we want to be doing, “Five Pound Bass” is what every fisherman has thought about at some point in time.


Darryl Worley & Wynn Varble – “The Fishin Hole”

If Andy Griffith and all the good folks in Mayberry don’t make you want to find the nearest fishing hole, there may not be any hope for you as a fisherman.


Casey Ashley – “Fisherman”

For all of you amateur fisherman out there, whether you want to take it to the next level or just enjoy where you are, you need to hear this song about the job that is a fisherman.


Woody Guthrie – “Crawdad Song”

One of the oldest fishing songs out there and still one of the best. This song and been re-recorded and had bits and pieces of it used for years but is still one of the best fishing songs around.


Brad Paisley – “Catch All the Fish”

With goals like this, how can you possibly lose?


Kenny Chesney – “The Life”

A little something to remind us that fishing is not just a sport we participate in, but a way of life that we choose to live.


The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – “Fishin’ in the Dark”

Quite possibly the most known fishing song of all time. “Fishin’ in the Dark” is a song that will forever remain the anthem of summertime and fishing.

Who’s ready for the water?!

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What did we miss? What songs remind you of fishing? Follow me on Twitter @Chrisbuck243 and let me know.

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These 10 Fishing Songs Will Have You Ready to Get out on the Water [VIDEO]