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10 Fishing Show Hosts of the 90s: Where Are They Now?

Stephen Walcott

Lets all get reacquainted with our favorite fishing show hosts from yesteryear. 

Back when modern television was transitioning into what it is today, classic fishing shows filled our airwaves every Saturday and Sunday morning. A lot of us woke up extra early just to be ready before those first shows aired. Those classic fishing hosts might as well have been an extra member of our families.

Today, fishing shows have taken on a life of their own. Big money, marketing, and slinging products have largely replaced the quality of content we were spoiled with back in the day. However, that doesn't change the fact that you can probably rattle off a lot of these fishing show hosts by name, and even go so far as singing their theme songs.

Sit back, relax, and let's enjoy this trip down memory lane together.

1. Bill Dance

Bill Dance Outdoors

Bill Dance is known as the man that popularized the Carolina rig. "Bill Dance Outdoors" has been on television since 1968. Can you believe he is still on the air today?

After really hitting its peak in the 90s, with 2000 episodes to date, 75-year-old Dance will probably be around for a good while to come.

2. Roland Martin


"Fishing with Roland Martin" first hit the air in 1974. At that time, Martin was already the man to beat in tournament bass fishing and had a reputation that few could compare.

Known as the man who figured out how to catch bass by patterning them, by the time the 90s rolled round, his name was synonymous with fishing. At age 75, you can expect a few more fishing shows to come.

3. Jimmy Houston 

The Online Fisherman

"Jimmy Houston Outdoors" has been on TV for 21 years. Spending a majority of his career on ESPN Saturday morning programming during the 90s, he can still be seen on NBC Sports.

At age 71, Houston spends most of his free time running the company he founded, Th3 Legends, with Bill Dance and Roland Martin.

4. Hank Parker

Hank Parker 

"Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine" is a staple of classic television. It's also one of the best shows on fishing television today, too.

Starting his show in 1985, it quickly became everyone's favorite fishing show. Parker's show really hit its stride during the peak of the early mainstay fishing shows of the 90s and earned its recognition one show at a time.

At age 62, parker has ventured in hunting shows as well helping his sons compete in NASCAR, MMA, and the FLW.

5. Shaw Grigsby

Quantum Fishing

First hitting the small screen in 1995, "One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby" was a fresh new feature to the fishing television circuit.

Grigsby's show really got down into the details of how to catch bass in all situations. Still fishing tournaments today at the highest level in BASS, Grigsby is continuously the man to beat in professional fishing.

6. Orlando Wilson

Orlando Wilson Outdoor Adventures

Orlando Wilson first began "Fishing with Orlando Wilson" in 1982. However, from 1993 to 2000, it really hit its stride.

Wilson was a complete angler in BASS tournaments finishing multiple times in the top ten. At 68 years old, his fishing show days are 16 years behind him.

He is now retired and owns several banks in the North Georgia area.

7. Al and Ron Lindner

Target Walleye

Who can forget "In-Fisherman"? Al and Ron are two of the most recognized names in all of outdoors programming.

Starting in 1979 and continuing until 2001, when they both sold their rights to the show and started another program, "Angling Edge," these brothers were at the top of the fishing industry. To this day, Al, 71, and Ron, 78, are still teaching people how to fish.

8. Babe Winkelman


Babe Winkelman is a host of legendary status. At age 69, his status might even be bigger today.

"Good Fishing" has been on the air since 1980. During the 90s, it was featured on "Married with Children" and Babe himself was even a regular on daytime talk shows. Today, "Good Fishing" and his hunting show "Outdoor Secrets" are on every major outdoor network.

9. Flip Pallot

Flip Pallot 

Flip Pallot was the voice, inspiration, and talent behind one of ESPN's premier fishing shows of the 90s, "Walkers Cay Chronicles."

Fly fishing in beautiful destinations and tangling with giant fish were what this show was all about. Today, Pallot is still working on bringing more shows to the market.

As a matter of fact, he is looking at re-launching "Walkers Cay" as an Internet fishing show.

10. Jerry McKinnis


Jerry McKinnis and his show, "The Fishin' Hole," is a classic amongst classics in fishing television. For 44 years, McKinnis hosted his show. To this day, "The Fishin' Hole" is one of the longest running shows to ever air on ESPN.

Today, now at 79, McKinnis still works with BASS and helps run tournaments and outdoor programming on ESPN.

Pretty cool to see that just about all of these guys are still doing what they love. Even though Orlando Wilson isn't on TV anymore, I can't believe for one second he still isn't out there fishing every chance he gets.

20 years from now, where will our current crop of fishing show hosts be? Will there be any we will remember? Or, will the era of fishing shows go by the wayside when these icons all decide to hang it up?

Hopefully, I'll be somewhere on the water doing some fishing myself in honor of these guys and the lessons that they have taught me along the way.


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10 Fishing Show Hosts of the 90s: Where Are They Now?