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10 Fishing Shirts That Are as Functional as They are Stylish [PICS]

If you are looking for fishing attire, here are 10 fishing shirts that are as functional as they are stylish.
Kast Gear


When you head out on the water, whether river, lake, or ocean, you need your gear to feel and function properly. Any malfunction could ruin a beautiful day or a beautiful catch. Make sure everything you’re wearing does its job and looks good while doing it.

Click through the slideshow to see 10 functional and stylish fishing shirts.

Fishpond Grande Shirt

Fish Pond USA

Fishpond’s Grande tee is made of 50% organic cotton and 50% RPET – Fishpond’s signature recycled fabric. You’ll love the ultra soft feel and the “tidal blue” color will blend right in out on the water. Also, the graphic is a soft touch, water-based print of a rooster fish.

The Grande is a tee that says, “I’m casual, comfortable, and I know what a rooster fish is.”

Fishpond Trucha Drift Long Sleeve Shirt

Fishpond USA

Fishpond’s Trucha Drift shirt will fit right in with your standard fishing gear. It hits all the essentials like moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, quick drying, and the very essential UPF 40 for great sun protection.

Bonus features include advanced odor control and ActiveSeam stitching so your skin never gets irritated. Finally, its 100% made in the USA so you’ll feel as patriotic as you will comfortable wearing it.

HUK 1/4 Zip Huk Camo Performance ICON

Huk Gear

Huk’s 1/4 zip camo shirt really lives up to the company’s “performance fishing” standards. A highly technical layer that will weather anything you throw at it – or anything the water throws at you. The mesh back vent for extra breathability is key as is the antimicrobial odor and stain system. Plus it gets bonus style points for the yellow accents against the grey camo.

HUK Distressed Sailfish SW Logo Tee

Huk Gear

The distressed sailfish tee from Huk will take you perfectly from the water to town. This shirt is soft, really soft, and the hint of spandex ensures it will move with you not against you. Combine that with cooling technology and really cool yellow accents and you have a new favorite tee.

Kast Recon Guide Shirt

Kast Gear

The Recon Guide Shirt from Kast is a serious fishing shirt that will deliver day after demanding day on the water. The standout feature on this shirt is the four-way stretch aided by the vented mesh sides, back, and arms. The double zippered pockets will ensure nothing gets away from you and the plaid color option gives it a classic outdoor style.

Orivis Rainy Bridge Long-sleeved Shirt


This shirt is a lovely women’s shirt from Orvis that lives up to the company’s reputation of classic outdoor style and highly reliable functionality. The Rainy Bridge long sleeve shirt is made to be extremely lightweight and features 30+ UPF to protect you during those long sunny days.

The sleeves roll up and button into place and the two chest pockets are big enough to hold your favorite fly boxes. Bonus feature is a subtle on-tone embroidered mayfly.

Patagonia Women’s Sunshade Hoody


The Sunshade hoody from Patagonia is a high-performance fishing shirt just for women (theres a men’s version too). Don’t let the hoody term fool you – this is a technical fishing shirt.

The pullover hood/mask, and wrist thumbholes to cover your hands, combined with the 40+ UPF will make sure you are shielded from the toughest of sun rays. There’s also a hidden zip pocket in the front. This is one shirt you definitely won’t leave behind when packing for your next tropical fishing adventure.

Simms Solarflex LS Crewneck

Simms Fishing

Simms’ Solarflex LS Crewneck stands out with its amazing array of pattern options to make you invisible out on the water. The shirt has the essential moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and flat seam features. It also has an incredible 50 UPF rating so you never have to worry about reapplying sunscreen.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Amalgam Long Sleeve

Under Armour

Under Armour’s Iso-Chill Amalgam offers women a technical fishing shirt in a button-up style. The material is incredibly lightweight, breathable, and the sleeves are fitted at the wrists for even greater functionality out on the water. This shirt lives up to Under Armour’s reputation as ultra tough, functional, and stylish gear. 30 UPF.

Under Armour Tuna Tail T-Shirt

Under Armour

Under Armour’s Tuna Tail tee will impress all your friends with its tuna graphic on the back. It will impress you with its “Charged Cotton” technology that cuts drying time nearly in half. Perfect for when you skip laundry day to fish.

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10 Fishing Shirts That Are as Functional as They are Stylish [PICS]