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10 Fishing Memes to Help Pass the Time [PICS]

Here are 10 fishing memes that will help you remember why we fish and get your mind off hunting season... for a minute.

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We love summer and we don't deny it.

Once the warm weather arrives it's time to load up the gear, trailer the boat, and get out on the water.

It just so happens that when we try to do just that, somebody or something comes along to make us hold our hand on our face or grind our teeth.

Here are some of the best ways to describe our feelings about the anglers around us and the things we encounter when we just want to kick back, swallow a few dust-cutters (that's beer ya'll) and catch a couple of lunkers.

Check out the 10 top fishing memes for every angler.

1. Lucky were we that grew up near a creek


Our video game was throwing rocks at my brothers' toy boats.

2. How you know you're a BFF


We still tell them it's about a mile from where it really is.

3. Skills!


1. Not my boss.

2. I'm thinking about hunting again.

4. Yep

Facebook/Respect the Fish

And it's always worse after we get back.

5. Any questions?

Facebook/Respect the Fish

All of the above.

6. Really. Smart. Man.

Facebook/Respect the Fish

Hard to type while I'm saluting, so we'll just leave it at that.

7. A bad day fishing is still better.....

Facebook/Sportsman's Hub

I'm still looking for a boss that has this one hanging in his office.

8. Ever watch a buddy do this one?

Facebook/Respect the Fish

Remember: it has to be a massive hook set so it looks good.

9. Fish in the water they said


This guy needs a spear... and a therapist.

10. That's so wrong

Facebook/Fishy Memes

My tongue is trying to hide in my throat.

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10 Fishing Memes to Help Pass the Time [PICS]