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10 Fishing Gifts You’re Sure to Return (and What You Should Exchange Them For)

The field guide to exchanging your holiday fishing gift flops.

Bad Christmas Gifts

Hopefully your family consulted some of our guides when selecting Christmas gifts for your fisherman. If not, and they made a huge mistake, this one’s for you. Here’s hoping you can make some lemonade with these lemons.

Check out our suggestions for replacements after your fishing gifts didn’t pan out.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

They still sell these. Why? How?

Exchange For:

Literally Anything

Multi-Colored Umbrella Hat

Seems like a stretch, but this was advertised as fishing apparel.

Exchange For: All fishing hats are dorky, there’s no winning play here.

Trout Slippers

Cute, but not cute enough.

Exchange For:

Simms Wading Sandals

Fishing Ammo Shell Bobber

If you couldn’t tell, these are novelty shotgun bobbers. People will think you’re confused and meant to go hunting.

Exchange For:

Premeir BS50CH Chartreuse slip bobbers

Leader Straightener

These actually do quite the opposite: heating up the leader makes it coil.

Exchange For:

Loon Rigging Foam

“I’d Rather be Fishing” Coffee Mug

I mean, isn’t that safe to assume?

Exchange For:

YETI Tumbler

“I’d Rather Be Fishing” Beer Stein

See previous selection.

Exchange For:

YETI Cooler

“My Other Car is a Bass Boat” bumper sticker

A boat is not a car.

Exchange For:

Actual Bass Boat*

*Most locations will not accept this trade.

Fat Catfisher Fishing Rod

The worst-rated fishing product on Amazon. How shoddy is it? This is the best picture we could find, and we think it might look like that in real life.

Exchange For:

Storm WildEye Live Minnow, the highest-rated fishing product on Amazon

Roland Martin Rocket Fishing Rod

This has become notorious, but somehow it still has a higher user-rating than the Fat Catfisher. Maybe it’s the novelty factor.

Exchange For:

Fat Catfisher Fishing Rod

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10 Fishing Gifts You’re Sure to Return (and What You Should Exchange Them For)