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10 Fishing Books You’ve Never Read But Need to Immediately [PICS]

Educate yourself with these fishing books!

There are many things that fisherman cannot control. One aspect of angling that can be harnessed however, is learning about the science and the art of the sport through literature. Make sure that you read these books as soon as possible to become a better angler.

1. “Standing in a River Waving a Stick” by John Gierach

If you’ve never read Gierach, then you are missing out. His stories have such a wonderful and natural way of developing, that it reminds one of sitting around the campfire and listening to a friend. He has many titles to his credit, but this one is a classic. Not only will you learn about fishing, but he will teach you about life along the way.


2. “Muskies Suck” by Pete Maina

I love watching Maina’s videos. He has such an offbeat personality that only a muskie fisherman can have. Those 10,000 casts have created many opportunities for some great anecdotes. This guide shares with the reader mistakes that were made and techniques that worked. Readers are sure to enjoy Maina’s narrative.


3. “The Little Red Fishing Knot Book” by Harry Nilsson 

This is a topic that cannot be overlooked when it comes to angling. Many of us have our go-to knots. I know I’m guilty of tying the improved clinch knot too often. In this little book, an angler will find all that he or she needs to know about securing lures to lines.


4. “The Fish That Changed America” by Steve Price

Many folks credit this as a textbook of sorts for the history of bass fishing in the United States. If you love to bass fish, then you should definitely check out this book. It will reaffirm why you’ve become so obsessed with chasing them.


5. “Guide to the Study of Freshwater Biology” by J.G. Needham

I know, it’s a textbook. However, there’s a lot to be gained from knowing more about what is happening beneath the surface. The technology of fishing electronics has come a long way, but it is no substitute from scientific research. If you find the habitats, you’ll find the fish.


6. “A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America” by J. Reese Voshell, Jr.

Read this one and it may confirm or deny your current lure collection. Pair the information from this book and #5 and you will definitely be making informed decisions about where to find them and how to get them to eat.


7. “Fishing on the Edge” by Mike Iaconelli

Folks tend to love him or hate him, but there is no denying Ike’s passion for chasing bass. Take a ride on the wild side with Ike and learn about his vision towards the sport.


8. “The Bass Fisherman’s Bible” by Erwin A. Bauer

The name says it all. Here is everything you need to know about bass fishing that you can follow religiously. The photos and infographics are really simple and informative as well.


 9. “What Fish Don’t Want You to Know” by Frank P. Baron

This good-humored text will give the reader a lot of information to help get fish in the boat. The author, Frank P. Baron, offers a variety of insight to the sport, including tips on reading water, bait selection, lure presentation and how to turn around a tough day.


10. “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River” by Henry Winkler

Did you know the Fonz fished? Winkler is an accomplished fly fisherman and this book has the pictures to prove it. You may disagree with the title, but sit back and let Winkler explain.



Bonus: “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville

I am throwing this classic into the list as a bonus. This canonical piece of fiction is famous for the journey being started, but not completed. Do yourself a favor and complete the journey. Much of Ahab’s personality is in us and is the reason we never give up on the water.

Moby Dick

These books will build your knowledge about the sport of fishing, the fish themselves and the habitats in which they exist. Start chipping away at this list today and become a better angler.

They will also make for some good beach reads!

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10 Fishing Books You’ve Never Read But Need to Immediately [PICS]