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10 Features That Are Making the AR-15 So Popular [PICS]

The AR-15 is America’s gun. Versatile and easy to work with, the little black rifle has a dedicated following of shooting enthusiasts.


Because of the way the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms regulates the AR-15, this weapon can be reconfigured easily. Only the lower receiver is considered a gun by the ATF.

This means that owners can purchase one lower through an FFL, and then switch out upper receivers quickly. These uppers do not need to be bought through an FFL. Because of this neat option, the AR-15 has been dubbed “the Lego gun.”

The reasons for the AR-15’s rising popularity are plentiful. Owners don’t need a gunsmith to customize their weapon. The gun is rugged and reliable. Hunters can easily change calibers for a variety of game. It has very low recoil. Read on to find out more.

View the slideshow to see why the AR is so popular.

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1. Custom Color


You can jazz up your AR in almost any color.

2. Add a Bipod


Steady the shot by adding a bipod.

3. Reduced Recoil

wall pix

The AR has reduced recoil without compromising hitting power and accuracy.

4. Variety of Scopes


You can add a variety of scopes, including laser and night vision.

5. Magazine Options

Lakeside Guns

There are a wide variety of magazine options for the AR.

6. Different Barrel Lengths


With the AR you can easily switch barrels for more options.

7. Flashlights


Adding a flashlight will help illuminate the scene.

8. Double Barrel

The Firearm Blog

This double-barrel beauty comes with two magazines.

9. Ballistics Computer

Defense Review

You can even add an onboard ballistics computer to the AR.

10. Vertical Grips


There are a multitude of grips options available for the AR.

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10 Features That Are Making the AR-15 So Popular [PICS]