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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad’s that Hunt & Fish

father's day gift idea 2016

Get Dad what he really wants this year for Father’s Day with one of these 10 gift ideas.

This year for father’s day, be the favorite child and get him what he really wants. It’s always hunting, fishing, camping and shooting season when it comes to Dad so if you are stuck and don’t know what he wants this year, I’m here to let you in on a little secret.

1. Tumbler

father's day gift 2016

Like our Mother’s Day List, we are adding a Tumbler to this one. Only I’m not brand dropping here as I have some buddies who have put some of the cheaper models to the test up against the more expensive brands. Bottom line, if Dad wants a cold or hot beverage for a long time, this is a great gift.

Below are three brands that we have found to be comparable. The Yeti, the RTIC and Walmart’s Ozark Trail. We also found a video showing just how much the Ozark Trail stands up against the Yeti and the results are impressive.

So if Dad likes labels, the Yeti or RTIC may be the right choice, but if he just wants to keep a cold or hot beverage, any of the brands will ensure the temperature of his drink remains constant.

Yeti Tumbler Starting at $29.99 at Yeti Coolers

RTIC Tumbler Starting at $14.99 at RTIC Coolers

Ozark Trail Tumbler Starting at $7.74 at Walmart

2. Rangefinder

father's day gift idea 2016
Nikon Optics

Every good bow hunter deserves a good range finder. We’re still behind Nikon when they released their ArrowID 5000 and cannot get over the quality and reliability this range finder holds. If Dad has missed a lot of deer this past archery season or shot over a turkey this spring, make sure next season he has no excuses with one of these bad boys.

On sale for $199.99 at Cabela’s

3. New Broadheads

father's day gift idea 2016

Let’s face it, if Dad wasn’t doing so hot this past hunting season he is going to need a new set of broad heads. I have in the past spent so much time and effort finding which broad head is “The Best” and what I’ve concluded is that it is a preference thing.

However, currently I am excited to share that I’m working on putting the new Afflictor K2-Hybrid Broadhead to the test and based on accuracy alone, I’m so impressed. If you haven’t had a venison meal in years and Dad is full of archery hunting stories, the rangefinder and the Afflictor K2-Hybrid broadheads may be the perfect choice for him.

$39.99 at Lancaster Archery Supply 

4. Scent Eliminator Products

father's day gift idea 2016

Here is something a hunter will use continually each year. Whether we know they work, think they work or doubt they work, we still use them. Many times they end up as Christmas Day stocking stuffers and make for a great gift for any budget.

Find out his preference or just go with the product that has the best reviews and get dad smelling nice and clean, or smelling like nothing really. Be sure to look for great deals that offer the soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, deodorant and more in one package to save yourself some extra money when shopping for this year’s Father’s Day gift.

$22.50+SH at

5. Lucky Tackle Box

father's day gift idea 2016
Lucky Tackle Box

We included the Birch Box for Mom in the Mother’s Day Gift section, why not get Dad something similar? I don’t mean makeup and lip gloss; I’m talking a cool monthly subscription to the Lucky Tackle Box.

Find out what Dad fishes for the most then subscribe him to that type of tackle box. On the 10th of every month, Dad will receive a new box full of lures, baits and other tackle, accompanied by video and how-to instructions for each piece of tackle. We’re really trying to cut down on Dad’s excuses this year obviously as to why he’s been so empty handed so why not keep the trend going.

Lucky Tackle Box offers one, three, six, and 12-month subscriptions.

From $23-$276

6. ThermaCELL

father's day gift idea 2016

So I just hung up the phone with my father as he has been working hard on a new turkey decoy design. As we were bouncing ideas off from each other I said, “Dad, what would you like for Father’s Day, if I was going to get you something, but I’m not actually getting you this item, I just need it for an article?”

He came back quickly with a ThermaCELL. He already owns two of them and I own one, and we both love them. They repel many different types of bugs but greatly keep out the mosquitos. There are just some products in the industry that work and these work.

If your Dad spends anytime outside, whether it’s in the woods, river banks or just out on the back deck, the ThermaCELL is great choice this Father’s Day.

$24.99 from Cabela’s

7. Buck Knife

father's day gift idea 2016

There comes a time in a man’s life when he can look at the things he has and be proud. When you are an outdoorsman, it’s always great to have items and traditions passed on through the years.

Buck Knives have been in several family traditions for years and you can never have too many. A reliable knife backed by a company who will replace and repair for the life of the knife this is one gift that will forever be a heritage in the family.

$49.99 from Cabela’s

8. Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

fathers day gift idea 2016
LL Bean

Save time, save space and save money for the Dad that camps or just spends a lot of time in the woods. This 4-in-1 tool is like a large scale Swiss Army knife for the camping Dad. A bow saw, a hatchet, stake puller and a mallet all in one. It may not fit in your pocket but it sure will save you some time and space in your vehicle as you head up to your campsite.

$79.99 at LL Bean

9. HUK Kryptek Long Sleeve

father's day gift idea 2016

Does having a Beagle make me a father? I want this. Your Dad wants this. Anyone you know who is a father wants this. HUK Fishing has designed a shirt to repel stains, odors, sun, moisture and bad moods.

This shirt works to protect you all day from the sun with SPF protection. It has a lower back mesh to vent the heat from the lower back area. It’s made with Poly knit to help vent and transport moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Did I mention it looks awesome too?

If the Dad you know likes to fish, he wants this shirt. If he just likes to be outdoors and likes to be comfortable, he wants this shirt too.

$49.99 at HUK

10. The Leatherman Tread

father's day gift idea 2016

I first saw this last year and have wanted it ever since. Leatherman has designed a bracelet type tool set that looks great and serves a purpose. Each link has a few set of tools from a phillips screw driver to a bottle opener and can come in handy when you have no other options. Like the original Leatherman tool set, its a multipurpose tool where it may not be the ideal or best tool for the job, but for the hunter and fisherman when you can’t always carry a pocket full of tools, this bracelet is not only pleasing to look at, but it can come in and save the day in many scenarios.

$165 at Cabela’s

No matter who “Dad” is, whether he is your father or someone else’s, if he hunts and fishes, he probably deserves a great gift this year. Make sure he gets what he deserves and if actual items aren’t his thing, sometimes just a card, phone call or quality time spent together is all he may need.

Happy Father’s Day.



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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad’s that Hunt & Fish