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10 Fantastic Vintage Gun Ads From the Good Old Days

After seeing these ten vintage gun ads, you'll want to travel back in time.


When it comes to gun ads, a lot has changed in the past century. During the highpoint of print ads for everything from firearms, ammo and other outdoor gear, the world saw some of the most unique marketing techniques.

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These days, television and Internet ads rule all, and print has taken a seat in the way back. That doesn't mean we can't look back at some of the best vintage firearm ads that were ever created.

View the slideshow to see the best vintage gun ads from years past.

Winchester Rifle and Junior Trapshooting Outfit

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After the Great War and before the roaring '20s, Winchester saw an opportunity to bring its potential audience together in new, exciting ways.

In this ad, they are not only selling shooting or hunting, but a quality family sport.

Winchester Arms and Ammunition

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During WWII, Winchester was not producing any peacetime products. However, by 1943 the end of the war was within reach, and Winchester knew it would only be a matter of time until they once again sold to the public.

This ad reminded the public that Winchester was a quality gun through a touching father-son narrative.

Crosman's Pelguns

Photo via vintageadbrowser

"Here are the champion father-son guns," says Sporting News player of the decade, Stan Musial.

In 1959, Crosman decided to take an unusual approach to their advertising by hiring a celebrity to endorse their guns.

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Hahn's New Super BB Repeater Gas-Powered Rifle

Photo via vintageadbrowser

Though 'gas powered' is hardly the ideal description for a modern gun, in the '50s it was a strong selling point for P.Y. Hahn, who appealed to the nostalgia and wistful dreaming of those Americans who longed for adventure in the long-past days of the wild west.

Daisy Air Rifle

Photo via vintage-ads

The Happy Daisy Boy was not, in fact, a carefree child frolicking in the flowers, but a young mascot used by Daisy to advertise their air rifles.

Back in 1925, Daisy promised their guns offered an early start for an eager future hunter. "Not found in books," these guns got boys out of the house.

Peters Wimbledon Match 22 Ammunition Gun

Photo via vintage-ads

"Ammunition you can shoot with confidence."

Peters advertised with no shortage of pizazz. Describing their smokeless ammunition as an "outstanding achievement," they put forth the best name possible in a time when Americans wanted to spend their money wisely.

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Savage .22 Rifle

Photo via vintageadbrowser

Rather than advertising based on fun, humor, or nostalgia, Savage advertises its rifle on the principle of protection.

It promises a weapon to protect people from the threats of wildlife like coyotes, known to hunt pets and livestock.

Rheingold Extra Dry Beer

Photo via vintageadbrowser

Inevitably, advertisements will cross over with other products or current events.

In this case, Rheingold decided to draw on the excitement of a day out hunting with a picture of a beautiful spokeswoman, clearly enjoying a comfortable day after drinking some of the refreshing, non-filling beer.

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Red Ryder Carbine Air Rifle

Photo via vintageadbrowser

Perhaps best known through the holiday classic, A Christmas Story, the Red Ryder BB gun produced by Daisy had all the nostalgia that Americans longed for during the Great Depression.

At only $2.95 each, they were not only popular but affordable for a nation strapped for cash.

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Weatherby Rifle

Photo via vintageadbrowser

Versatility is the mark of a great gun, and Weatherby offers that and more. Though designed for big game, they promise that a good shooter can use it for anything they want.

No need for bells or whistles when the excellent quality of the product speaks for itself.

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