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10 Famous Bowhunters

Oakridge Bowhunters

Highlighted here are some famous bowhunters who share a passion and are outspoken for their sport in the entertainment sphere.

We see these people in all kinds of entertainment whether it be a music show, television, or the sports arena/field. Here are 10 famous bowhunters in the media.

1. Ted Nugent

The Motor City Madman was initially thrown into the spotlight for his musical endeavors in rock and roll. Even if you aren’t old enough to know the lyrics to “Cat Scratch Fever” you have probably heard or seen Uncle Ted being an outspoken advocate for hunting and the 2nd Amendment. The guy is all-American, shares his opinions freely, and is an accomplished hunter.


2. Chipper Jones

The Atlanta Braves poster boy has done a lot on the field. One, if not the best, switch hitters to ever play the game; the guy spent 20 seasons playing for the same team. He has been an avid hunter since he was a kid and now in his retirement is guiding hunters on his Texas ranch. He can be seen on “Major League Bowhunting” and “Buck Commander” on the outdoor networks.


3. Miranda Lambert
Flickr/Rona Proudfoot

This country girl knows how to bring home the bacon. She and husband Blake Shelton served venison at their wedding reception. She is a hunter and not afraid of anyone knowing it. She has been featured on numerous hunting videos and programs and is a proven bowhunter.


4. Luke Bryan
Flickr/Joe Bielawa

Luke is a big-time singer and a big-time bowhunter. The “Buck Commander” status is great, but this Georgia boy also has been sponsored by Cabela’s while on tour. Must be nice.


5. Ben Roethlisberger
Flickr/Jeffrey Beall

He can fire a football downfield and is passionate about drawing back a bow on whitetails. Ben is outspoken for his love of bowhunting and probably daydreams of sitting in his stand while watching film and studying opposing defenses.

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6. Jason Aldean
Flickr/Larry Darling

This country singer started hunting as a kid in Georgia. He has been featured in the “Buck Commander” television series and practices his shooting daily even while on tour. Bowhunting is a great challenge and escape from the spotlight.


7. Michael Waddell
Flickr/Gear Frenzy

This bowhunter from Booger Bottom, Georgia has done well in the world of hunting. Michael has been a steward to the hunting community and is quick to admit he is a lucky guy. He worked relentlessly behind the scenes with the Realtree film crews and earned a spot in front of the camera. He is fun to watch and always enthusiastic in his pursuits of game; and he has amassed an impressive “collection of bone.”


8. Randy Couture
Flickr/Gage Skidmore

All around tough guy, Randy has dealt out beatings like politicians deliver handshakes. He is retired from the UFC now and devotes much more time to bowhunting. Randy has hunted all over and has many impressive trophies to hang alongside his championship belts. I could imagine Randy dropping down on a mature buck from his stand and applying some hold that would warrant a hoof tapping submission.


9. Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

So, I had to include these two together because “they’s just like peas and carrots.” Imagine the number of hunters who have watched “The Crush” and daydreamed what it would be like to hunt with their spouses. Some might call that a nightmare. Either way, this modern day version of “Ozzie & Harriet” has done a lot for bowhunting.


10. Willie Robertson
Flickr/Commander US Naval

Wily Willie has made wooly cool. This business-savvy bowhunter has sold a lot of products, made hunting more mainstream, and given us all a reason not to shave as often as we normally would. The guy grew up in a hunting family and immersed in Cajun culture who takes full advantage of the great outdoors.

These are just a few individuals; I know there are so many more not mentioned who share a passion for bowhunting. We as bowhunters should all share our sport to anyone who shows interest. If you take someone hunting and show them the ropes, they are likely to enjoy it.

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