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10 Fair Chase Hunting Shows You Should Start Watching Immediately

There's a big popularity level for fair chase hunting shows these days.


When hunting shows in general became popular less than a generation ago, plenty of them were eventually criticized for not showing fair or ethical hunts, because the camera shot was more important than the hunt itself.

The shows showed spectacular footage of magnificent big game animals being taken on film, but at an ethical price. Now that camera equipment has become so sophisticated, and fair chase hunting movements have become the preferred way of doing it for many outdoorsmen, the shows are less and less glorified pay-per-hunts and more driven by principles of conservation and education.

The result, in our opinion is an even better set of shows. If you don't get to see a hunter shoot a giant buck, even after he stalked it for days, well, that's the nature of hunting. And that's what these fair chase hunting shows depict.

View the slideshow to see the top ten we chose, and add your favorites to the comments below.

Crush with Lee & Tiffany

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are a husband/wife team of professional hunters who practice 100% fair chase on their two large Iowa management farms. The couple is committed to fair chase practices and manages their impressive deer herds naturally with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If you're looking for a quality fair chase hunting show with big bucks and no high fences, Crush is the perfect show for you.

Dream Season: The Journey

Photo via Outdoor Channel

The Drury brothers are known for incredible fair chase hunting videos. They have been bringing us the best in big buck hunts for over twenty years, and Dream Season: The Journey is no different.

The premise of the show is a competition between hunters over the course of a season to see which team scores the most according to a panel of judges. Since every hunt is 100% fair chase, finding the best animals to take can be a challenge and that's what makes this a great show to watch.

Bow Madness

Photo via

Another Drury Brothers fair chase offering is Bow Madness. Filled with incredible bow hunts by the Drurys and friends, this is one of the best bowhunting shows on television. The Drury's never fail to impress, and Bow Madness is another glowing success.

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If you're an avid bowhunter tired of watching high fence kills masquerading as actual hunts, this is the show for you. All hunts are 100% fair chase and the action never stops.

Winchester & Drury's Natural Born

Photo via Drury Outdoors

The Drury brothers have teamed up with Winchester to create a unique hybrid of 100% fair chase hunting coupled with tips and techniques from Winchester's experts along the way. For those hunters who love the idea of picking up a few shooting pointers while watching incredible hunts, this is the show for you.

Eastman's Hunting TV

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Eastman's Hunting TV is the perfect show for do-it-yourself fair chase hunting. Since the show is 100% ethical hunts and focuses on teaching fair chase methods while taking down nice bucks, it is one of the best hunting shows available in the current market.

Primos Truth About Hunting

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Primos Truth About Hunting is another great addition to the 100% fair chase hunting list. Hosted by the Primos Hunting Team (Will Primos, Brad Farris, Jimmy Primos, Kevin Meacham, Slade Reeves, Keith Burgess, Chris Ashley, and Cody Kelley), the show is filled with knowledgeable, talented hunters.

The Choice with Ralph & Vicki

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Just like the Lakosky's, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo have developed a large following of devoted fans. They co-host several 100% fair chase hunting shows including The Choice and Archer's Choice. Both have been hunting for many years and bring knowledgeable, interesting hunts to viewers without the need to cage their kills in high fence areas.

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Archer's Choice with Ralph & Vicki

Photo via Tenzing Outdoors

Archer's Choice is another great fair chase hunting show put together and hosted by Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. Focused on archery, this is another excellent choice for viewers who want fair chase kills and actual hunting skills vs. kill for pay or high fence hunting.

PSE's Wild Outdoors with Jay Gregory

Photo via Outdoor Channel

One of the longest running hunting shows on television, PSE's Wild Outdoors brings ethical bowhunting kills into the viewer's living room. Host, Jay Gregory, is an experienced outdoorsman who shares tips and hints with his audience while conducting 100% fair chase hunts.

Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

Photo via Outdoor Channel

Jim Shockey is one of the true legends of hunting. Just like the Drury brothers, Jim Shockey practices 100% fair chase hunting methods and his show, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures is one of the most popular hunting shows on television. For a 'can't miss' hunting show, this is the one to watch.

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