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The 10 Most Extreme Hunting Destinations on Earth

Africa Hunting Outfitters

Here are the 10 most extreme hunting destinations on Earth.

Tired of sitting in the same woodlot or scoping the same mountain valley year after year? Looking to expand your hunting horizons or add a new trophy to your wall? Wade Lemon Hunting

To say these areas are outside of most hunters' comfort zone is putting it mildly. But for the hardcore outdoorsman with the willingness (and cash) to go to any extreme, a bucket list is not complete without considering these 10 most extreme hunting destinations on earth.

1. Pakistan for Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, and Markhur

The mountainous regions of Pakistan and its neighbors have been the epicenter of political strife and war in recent years. This is unfortunate in itself, but for the extreme trophy hunter it makes a hunt for exotic animals, like Himalayan ibex and blue sheep, a truly epic experience.

Pakistan is home to some of the highest mountains in the world including the second highest after Everest. This is an extreme destination for the hardest of the hard core.
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 2. Mongolia for Marco Polo Sheep

It's hard to find a more remote and difficult part of the world to hunt than Mongolia. The region is home to the Marco Polo sheep, one of the most spectacular species of mountain sheep in the world. This central Asian nation is enormous with vast expanses of grassy, treeless steppe. The mountains are cold, barren, and uninhabited.

A hunt will likely be based out of yurts, which are the traditional homes of a people who have lived in the region since before the time of the Khans. Just seeing a Marco Polo sheep would be worth the trip. To take one is the trophy of a lifetime.

Marco Polo Sheep
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3. Wrangel Island, Alaska for Musk Ox

Paleontologists think the last wooly mammoths lived on Wrangel Island, Alaska before finally going extinct. However, they were not the only Ice Age animals to live here. One species is still very much alive and thriving. Cold, windswept, and remotely located in the western Artic Ocean, Wrangel Island is one of the best and most extreme places you can go to take a Musk Ox.

Bull muskox in wind on snowy tundra
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4. Cameroon for Bongo

Tropical Africa has been in the news lately and not for a good reason. Ebola is but one of several deadly diseases one can encounter in this part of Africa which is why hunting trips often require immunizations beforehand. Given that, Cameroon is a unique and extreme experience for a trophy hunt.

The bongo is a species of rainforest antelope that lives in forest so dense you are often just feet away when the shot presents itself.

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5. Siberian Peninsula For Russian Brown Bear

With massive expanses of uninhabited terrain, legendary cold, and home to some of the largest brown bears on the planet, the Siberian Peninsula is not a destination for the faint of heart.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, several trophy-hunting outfitters offer packages for these majestic bears. Hunts are conducted with hounds that track the bears to their dens, leading to extremely dangerous encounters. You may also spot and stalk for giant boars in the same mountains as well as the rare and endangered Siberian tiger.

Siberian Hunting

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6. Brooks Range, Alaska for Dall Sheep, Caribou, and Grizzly

Nothing is as epic as hunting the Brooks Range of Alaska. Hunts start by flying in a hundred or more miles to drop-off points that may have never seen a human footprint. Talk about remote. The next 10 days can bring every type of weather Alaska is known for. Once there, hunters are as much prey to grizzlies as the animals they seek. But if you ask anyone who's done it, hunting the Brooks Range is worth every moment.

Deltana Alaskan Outfitters
Deltana Outfitters


7.  Sonoran Desert, Mexico for Desert Bighorn

Cactus, rattlesnakes, steep desert mountains, and an unfortunate resurgence of violent banditry, make hunting desert bighorn in the Mexican Sonora an extreme hunting challenge. Hunts for these giant rams are spot and stalk that begin at sunrise, last through daytime desert heat and can end with the bone chilling cold of night.

Wade Lemon Hunting
Wade Lemon Hunting


8. Patagonia for Père David's Deer

The Patagonia region of Argentina is literally almost the end of the earth. Its spectacular beauty is like no other place in the world. A hunt here for imported red stag and axis deer rivals every other location these creatures live. But for a chance at a wild Père David's deer, it's about the only place you can go. These animals are extinct in their native lands in China and are now found only in captivity and a handful of remote non-native locations.

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9. South Central Africa for Cape Buffalo

Sure there are African safari outfitters that can make a hunt for the Big Five seem like a stay at the ritziest Monte Carlo resort, but you're still hunting in Africa.

You can be stomped on by an elephant, gored by a rhino, or bitten by a deadly black mamba. That's on top of being eaten by a big cat. Arguably the worlds most surly and dangerous big game animal, Cape buffalo will flat out kill you when given half a chance. Sounds like a good time.

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 10. Northern Territories of Australia for Water Buffalo

Australian water buffalo don't have anger issues like a Cape buffalo, but they are still capable of turning your hunt into a very bad day. Not to mention they live in some of the wettest, most impenetrable habitat on earth. If you don't mind going to a continent with more deadly snakes than anywhere else and salt water crocodiles that regularly eat people, this could be the hunt for you.

Goodhand Outdoor Experience
Goodhand Outback Experience

Now you can officially say you have an international hunting bucket list because those were the ten most extreme hunting destinations. Now just wait for some airline deals.

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The 10 Most Extreme Hunting Destinations on Earth