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10 DIY Beer Bottle Openers the Outdoors Enthusiast Should Learn

beer bottle openers

These DIY beer bottle openers go to show what a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can accomplish.

There aren’t many things better than kicking back after a long day in the field and cracking open a cold beer. Whether it is around the campfire, deep fryer, garage, or wherever else you are after hunting or fishing, a cold beer and good company is the perfect way to continue enjoying (responsibly, of course!) the day.

In order to start enjoying your favorite brew, you’ll need some beer bottle openers. Unless of course, your beer of choice has a twist-off lid, but we’ll just pretend that it doesn’t. Sure, there are your run of the mill bottle openers and other less-than-glamorous ways to crack open a cold one, but you can do better than that!

Take some inspiration from the amazing craftsmanship shown in the video below. YouTube craftsman jimmydiresta takes 10 old tools from his workshop and quickly turns them into awesome and functional beer bottle openers.

Every single one of these beer bottle openers is unique and functional. The opener made from the blade of an old hatchet probably caught the eye of most hunters. There’s nothing wrong with some versatility in the field and I bet you could still chop some kindling with that modified hatchet!


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10 DIY Beer Bottle Openers the Outdoors Enthusiast Should Learn