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The 10 Wildest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos Ever [VIDEO]

Sometimes trail cameras capture more than a trophy buck.

Trail cameras have tremendously helped hunters document and learn about wildlife, but sometimes they’ve captured more than they bargained for.

If your hunting buddy starts getting out of the woods extra early, its probably because he saw this video.

We obviously live in a world of Photoshop, but these images still might get you to look over your should while walking in the woods.

The “goatman” appears to be pretty fake, but some of the other images captured my attention. This montage of spooky trail cameras includes it all. Mysterious glowing angels, zombie-like creatures, Bigfoot, and many other mysterious creatures.

What do you think about these images? Are they real or fake?

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The 10 Wildest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos Ever [VIDEO]