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10 Creative Uses for Your Shed Hunting Antlers

You found some antlers, but now what? Check out these 10 awesome things you can do with your shed hunting finds.

Shed hunting season is well underway. Antlers are dropping and hunters are canvassing their properties in search of the bone. All in hopes of finding out what buck's have and have not made it through the season.

Facebook and Instagram have been flooded in the recent weeks with shed hunting finds from hunters countrywide. However, there's one common question that needs to be answered. What will you do with all of the antlers you find?

The days of letting your shed hunting antlers gather dust are over. I've compiled some pretty cool ideas below to help put your shed finds to good use. Pile up your bone, it's time to get creative!

1. Rattling antlers

Shed Hunting
NJ Woods and Water

Stop buying a new set of rattling antlers every season. A set of deer sheds, some paracord and your tool box is all you need.

2. Knife handle

Shed Hunting

A homemade knife with a deer antler handle makes for an awesome gift. If you're up for a challenge, I recommend giving this a try.

3. Chandelier

Shed Hunting
Western Passion

This is a must have if your a diehard deer hunter. You'll need to save up your antler finds a few shed hunting seasons, but it'll be well worth the wait.

4. Coat/Towel rack

Shed Hunting

A deer antler coat or towel rack would make a nice addition to your hunting cabin.

5. Toilet paper holder

Shed Hunting

Would't you feel more in tune with nature with a homemade deer antler toilet paper holder? I know I would!

6. Train your dog to find them

Shed Hunting
Dog Bone Hunter

You've found your antlers, now it's  time to teach your dog to find more.

7. Wine rack

Shed Hunting
Room Table

Now this should get you some brownie points. Put your empty wine bottles on display with a homemade deer antler wine rack. Cheers!

8. Centerpiece at your wedding

Shed Hunting
Wedding OMania

This is a great idea for a country-themed wedding. Antlers make for a beautiful centerpiece and attention-getter. My wife and I did this for our wedding.

9. Wedding ring

Shed Hunting
Art Fire

Another great wedding idea. Save an antler from your shed hunting adventures for your special day. Find a jeweler who can file down and embed a portion of the antler into your ring.

10. Lamp stand

Shed Hunting

Sleep better this offseason with a homemade lamp stand from your shed hunting adventures.


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10 Creative Uses for Your Shed Hunting Antlers