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10 Crazy Underwater Pike Attacks You've Got to See [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a pike try to eat a camera?

Pike are incredible predators when it comes to catching their next meal, and their speed can be baffling. Taken in Ireland, this video shows 10 crazy underwater pike attacks, all using hookless lures.

Needless to say, these pike are not impressed with the taste of these lures as their meals. In fact, the last one decides to skip the bait entirely...

Some fish can be seen stalking the bait from below (attempting to eat both lures at once), a few come from nowhere in the murky waters for their ambush, and others come and go so quickly, it's as if the bite never even happened.

Ireland has become quite a popular destination for pike fishing. The thousands of lakes and miles of rivers boast an abundance of the fish, and draw anglers from around the world for the year-round season.

As this popularity has grown, Ireland has implemented a conservation policy to protect the pike population and fishing quality.

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10 Crazy Underwater Pike Attacks You've Got to See [VIDEO]