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The 10 Coolest New Products Debuting at the Bassmaster Classic [PICS]

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The Bassmaster Classic kicks off today! Check out some of the coolest new products dropping at the Bassmaster Classic Expo.

Every year, the Bassmaster Classic promises to bring the undivided attention of worldwide fishing fans not only to the competition, but also the Classic expo, which runs parallel to the "Super Bowl of Bass Fishing." It's at the Bassmaster Classic Expo where sponsors of the sport gather to release their latest and greatest innovative products for the upcoming fishing season, and this year will feature some very awesome new products. Check them out!

10. Humminbird 1199CI HD SI KVD & New Helix Line

The new KVD-(Kevin Van Dam) inspired Humminbird line-up features all of the best qualities of the original SI lines, but with some added gadgetry, like the new color and KVD theme of the exterior appearance. It's a sharp unit with great features, including a 10.4-inch screen (on the 1199 model), along with side imaging, down imaging, and a dual beam transducer. If KVD approves, shouldn't you?

Also coming to the party is the new Humminbird Helix Line, which I had a chance to check out recently at a Bass Pro Shops. They're a sleek unit, and basically a miniature version of the classic 898, 998, and 1198 style units that have been so popular. The best part of the new Helix line is that they offer side and down imaging- a feature so desired by those who do not have it- for a very affordable price. These units are selling for $450-600 dollars, a very affordable price for what you're getting.


9. G. Loomis E6X Rod Series

For years, G. Loomis has been at the top echelon for high quality rods, but they've also been in the top bracket for making a dent on your wallet too. At this year's classic, G. Loomis is introducing a new line of rods that feature the same quality weight, balance, sensitivity, and action that G. Loomis is known for, but at a more affordable price, starting at $179.99.



8. Jackall Gantarel Hard Swimbait

Starting at $39.99, the Jackall Gantarel is a quality swimbait with an extremely realistic finish for an affordable price. And believe me, $40 seems like a lot for one lure, but not when we're talking about large, high quality hard swimbaits. The Gantarel features a 6-inch, triple-jointed body, feathered hooks, and a unique pectoral fin design that helps the bait dive three feet below the surface. The bait floats slowly on the pause, enticing large fish to strike.



7. MinnKota Camo Talon

Shallow water anchors have taken the fishing world by storm in the last several years, but they also serve a purpose for duck hunters looking to hold position under any conditions. Whether you are looking to trick out your duck boat, or you just like camouflage, take a look at the new camo talons, which retail for $2,049.99.



6. PowerPro Maxcuatro Braided Fishing Line

PowerPro has long been an industry leader in high-performance braided fishing line. Their 65- and 80-pound lines are the mainstay for heavy cover fisherman all over the country. At this year's Classic, PowerPro will unveil its new line- the Maxcuatro series- which features a 25 percent thinner line diameter thanks to a new Spectra HT fiber from Honeywell. The line will be offered in sizes from 50-up to 100-pound test, and retail for $28.99 for a 150-yard spool, and $89.99 for a 500-yard spool.



5. Raymarine Wi-Fish

New for 2015, the Raymarine Wi-Fish is an interesting product that will enable anglers on a budget to obtain high-quality CHIRP Downvision sonar on their mobile device. The Wi-fish works by wirelessly connecting a transducer to your smart phone. You can get your hands on the Wi-fish for only $199, and begin charting all of your favorite fishing holes.



4. Strike King 8XD

When Strike King rolled out the famous 6XD series, it quickly became one of the hottest crankbaits on the market, especially for cranking the famous Tennessee River ledges in mid-summer tournaments. Then, along came the 10XD, which is an oversized, mega-deep diving crankbait that dominated tournaments on Pickwick Lake and others on the Tennessee River. Now, an even balance between the two legendary crankbaits, the 8XD is 1.3 oz, dives between 15 and 22 feet, and will be available in 23 pro-selected colors.



3. Skeeter ZX225

Skeeter Boat Company has been making some strong moves as an industry leader in the last several years, and this package shows why they are one of the top brands on the market. This package offers an affordable boat that comes LOADED with extras. You'll get a Yamaha VF225 outboard, two Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 2 Touch units, an eight-foot power pole, and a Minnkota Fortrex 112-pound thrust trolling motor. You'll be ready to fish big tournaments with this rig for only $48,995.



2. Rapala Shadow Rap

The Rapala Shadow Rap looks like an ordinary suspending jerkbait, but when it hits the water, a special weighting system causes the bait to spin 180 degrees on a hard twitch on slack line. The unique action is sure to trigger more fish to bite. Additionally, the weight creates a shimmying and quivering action on the bait's slow fall, much like a weightless senko/stick-worm would have.



1. Evinrude E-Tec G2

Easily one of the most talked-about products for late 2014/2015 fishing seasons is the new Evinrude E-Tec G2. Evinrude reports 15% less fuel consumtion, 20% more torque, and 75% fewer total emissions over competing brands- numbers which are sure to be attractive for consumers in the market for a new outboard. The new, extreme modern style of the motor's exterior has caught attention as well.

Whether or not the majority approves of this style or not, surely there is no such thing as bad press for Evinrude. Time will tell if the new E-Tec G2 will live up to it's early high reputation as being "one bad piece of machinery."



To view more products rolling out at this year's Bassmaster Classic, click here! Spring is just around the corner, so be sure you've got your hands on some of the hottest new fishing gear for 2015. And tune in to live stream the Bassmaster Classic 2015.

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The 10 Coolest New Products Debuting at the Bassmaster Classic [PICS]