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10 Competitors to Watch in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic

The winner of the Bassmaster Classic 2015 might be one you didn’t expect. 

The 2015 Bassmaster Classic is a collection of bass fishermen from all over the country that have earned the right to fish in the Super Bowl of bass fishing.

These fishermen are at the top of their game and looking to prove their skills and dedication to the sport. Each competitor is going up against the best of the best to hoist the trophy at the end of tournament.

Out of the field of 56, these 10 talented fishermen are leading the pack in to Lake Hartwell in South Carolina, where the tournament is set to take place February 20-22, 2015.

10. Michael Iaconelli



There is a lot of flash behind Mike’s fishing style, but he is always at the top of the list in just about any tournament he fishes. There’s a reason he made the Classic and that is because he can flat out catch bass.

9. Todd Faircloth



Todd was a runner up for Angler of the Year in 2008 and is currently in 2nd place going into the Classic, because he catches fish when others can’t. Don’t count him out until the last minute on the last day.

8. Mark Davis



Mark Davis is out to prove the headlines he made in early 2014 weren’t just a flash in the pan. If you remember, Mark placed 4th or higher in five straight Elite Series tournaments. Winning the Classic would be a nice way to prove he is the top of the fishing of the world.

7. Casey Ashley



Never count out a local boy when it comes to bass fishing. Casey is from South Carolina and might have more time fishing Lake Hartwell than anyone else in the field. Home field advantage is pretty big in the fishing world.

6. Aaron Martens



Currently in 4th place for Angler of the Year, Aaron has been turning heads this year in the Elite Series. Don’t expect anything but the best from Martens come February.

5. Skeet Reese



If you follow bass fishing at all, then you know Skeet Reese. Skeet is always in contention and has the intimidation factor on his side when he takes to the lake. He will place somewhere near the top, if not the number one spot itself.

4. Edwin Evers



Edwin Evers performs at his best when the pressure is at its highest. Therefore, you can expect the best out of Evers come the later part of February when it’s all on the line.

3. Randy Howell



As the winner of last year’s classic, Randy has the momentum behind him to be a back to back Classic champion. He has had a great year and another win might be more likely than not.

2. Greg Hackney



Last year’s Angler of the Year, Greg is looking to make a statement and show the bass fishing industry why he deserves that title.

1. Cliff Pace



Just a little trivia: Cliff took 2nd place on Lake Hartwell in 2008 with a weight of 44.5 pounds the last time the Classic was held there. He knows this water, and with a Bassmaster Classic win under his belt from 2013, he knows how to fish under pressure. Watch for Pace’s name near the top of the leaderboard, and in short order.

With 46 other anglers looking to take bass fishing’s top prize, it’s all going to come down to who’s hot and on the right bite at the right time. Of course experience, practice, dedication, and little bit of luck have a lot to do with it. This tournament really is up for grabs, but in most cases, the cream does rise to the top.

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10 Competitors to Watch in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic