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10 Common Household Items You Can Use in the Fishing Boat [PICS]

Some of the best fishing and boating gear can be found in your garage, bathroom or kitchen cupboards.

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There are thousands of unusual uses for everyday household products, and a lot of them are pretty handy when you're out on the water.

Whether you're looking for easy, inexpensive ways to care for your boat, store your tackle or improve your cast, there's a household product that will do the trick.

Check out the slideshow to see our 10 favorite common household items you can use in the fishing boat.

Baby Wipes

The Blue Bottle Tree

Whether you're baiting your hook with minnows or worms, or you're removing a hook from an enormous crappie, largemouth or perch, your hands tend to get pretty cruddy while you're out on the water. Keep the gunk off by toting a box of baby wipes in your boat.

Vanilla Extract

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The fish may not always bite, but the mosquitoes sure do! Insect repellants contain all sorts of chemicals that can irritate eyes and skin. Plus, it kind of stinks! Instead, mix 1 teaspoon vanilla extract per 1/2 cup of water in any clean, empty spray bottle. The vanilla will repel those skeeters, and the spray won't irritate your skin, eyes or nose! You can even spray it right into your face if you want!

Dental Floss


Not only will it come handy after you eat that poppy seed bagel you brought along, but dental floss can come to the rescue in all sorts of situations. You'd be surprised how many things you can temporarily mend with some floss, and you can never be too prepared when you're far from shore.

Empty Pill Bottles

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Don't go digging through your tackle box looking for the right-sized hook or sinker. Sort them and store them in empty pill bottles. You can even label the bottles for quick and easy identification.

Safety Pin

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Safety pins are another great way to keep your various-sized hooks sorted. Just slide similar-sized hooks onto the pin and close it up. The safety pins are easily stored in your tackle box.

Nail Polish

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Women have been using clear nail polish to block runners in their pantyhose for decades, but the beauty product is useful for fixing all sorts of items. If your boat gets a chip in its paint or even the windshield, dab some nail polish over the flaw to prevent rust and spreading.

Nail polish can also come in handy if you're having trouble threading your hook. Just coat the end of your fishing line with nail polish. It will dry almost instantly and the line will become stiff and straight, making threading it through the hook a cinch.


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Don't you hate it when you're speeding across the water, only to have your more lightweight gear fly out of the boat? We've all been there, but you can prevent fly-aways by attaching some Velcro to your lighter items, then either attaching the other side of the Velcro to your boat, or just Velcroing your gear to your carpets.

Trash Bags

Sky's the Limit

It's always a good idea to keep some large garbage bags in your boat. You never know when you or a passenger will be caught unprepared in an unexpected downpour, and trash bags are easily converted into adequate, if not fashionable, ponchos. And since you've already got the trash bags, "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!"

Cooking Oil


Try spraying your fishing line with cooking oil, and you'll find you can cast easier and farther. Since you've already got the cooking oil, you can use it for an end-of-the-day fish fry!


Robin Reid

WD-40 has a variety of uses in your boat. Not only is it great for cleaning road grime off your boat at the end of a trip, but it also can be used for both cleaning and restoring your leather or vinyl surfaces. WD-40 is also good for keeping your stainless-steel surfaces sparkling.

Weirdest Bait Ever to Hook a Fish

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10 Common Household Items You Can Use in the Fishing Boat [PICS]