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10 Christmas Decorations for the Outdoors Enthusiast

Here are 10 Christmas decorations to add some outdoor flair to your house.


Every year at Christmas we cover our houses in light and decorations. With so many options on the market, we’ve found a few that just might show a little more of your personality.

Check out the picks for some holiday decor any outdoorsman can appreciate.

1. Inflatable Hunting Snowman


Big inflatable characters are popping up in every yard lately. At seven feet, this hunting snowman stands above the crowd. Find it at Walmart

2. 12-guage shotgunshell lights


This string of 20 lights (10 red 10 green) will look great on your tree or your porch. Lets be honest, you’ll never take them down and thats ok. Get them at Cabela’s

3. Y-Knot Bait Shop


Any village needs a good bait shop, and your Christmas village is no different. Look no further, the Y-Knot bait shop will let you turn that ice skating pond into a fishing hole like any angler should. Get yours at Walmart

4. Realtree Camo Christmas Ornament


Everybody loves camo. These ornaments come in green, white, orange, and pink versions of Realtree APC camp. Available at Academy

5. Lighted Santa’s Camper Inflatable


Let Santa take a break in your front yard. This inflatable is sure to be loved by campers and noncampers alike. With an animatronic door Santa pops out to say hello. Get yours at Lowe’s

6. Lighted Deer Mount


This inflatable will let those of us who don’t have a trophy mount join the club in style. Get it at Lowe’s

7. Animatronic Lighted Camo Santa


As I’ve already said, everybody loves camo. Santa is no different. Not only is he wearing camo, but he’ll use his binoculars to keep checking his list from your yard. He’s available at Lowe’s

8. Fishing Santa


Sometimes Santa trades in his sleigh for his custom boat “Yule Tide” to get out and wet a line. If you want him to get this catch in your yard, get him at Lowe’s

9. Duck Hunter

Home Depot

Maybe not what you expected when you read duck hunter, but this guy will probably look better in your yard. Get him at Home Depot

10. Santa Camping with his Reindeer

Home Depot

Watch reindeer roast marshmallows as Santa catches a quick nap. I guess he couldn’t bring the camper. Find this scene at Home Depot

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10 Christmas Decorations for the Outdoors Enthusiast