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10 Campfire Must-Haves for Women of the Woods

Women of the Woods surely know how to prep for a camp outing, but these must-haves should be added to your list.

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you’re just trying to stay warm at the cabin or backyard, and sometimes a campfire is a big to-do, not complete until s’mores have been eaten, and the tent is zipped closed for the night.

So what do you really need to make the best possible campfire experience? We’ve got the well-rounded list for females looking to capitalize on the universal “good time” activity of a campfire.

First up, you know the importance of outfitting yourself accordingly.

1. Fleece-Lined Flannel


For when the fall chill hasn’t started to bite too hard, a flannel like this one is perfect. There is no better feeling than fleece when the wind picks up.

2. Flame-Resistant Jeans


These flame-resistant jeans from Carhartt are perfect for when things get a little too hot around the campsite. Logically speaking, we mean.

3. 3-Pack of Cozy Socks


You know what makes everyone feel instantly better? Wearing cozy seasonal-patterned socks that have a design only you know about.

4. Wool Clogs


These wool clogs are perfect for trekking to the backyard or beach somewhere, and look incredible by firelight.

5. Bomber Hat


If needed, the bomber hat is the sort of thing that really makes you look truly lumberjack-esque in the outdoors.

6. Throw Blanket


A super soft plush throw is just the thing for when you need extra warmth under the stars.

Okay, let’s pick it up a notch. Assuming you’re heading a little farther into the woods, and setting up camp in a place where you’ll need fire daily, these choices will help you be ready for whatever the wilderness throws at you.

7. Teepee Tent


We see your point. A giant 18×18 teepee tent might not be made for carrying miles in and out of the backcountry. However, for midlevel hikes and camping trips, there’s nothing like a teepee tent with the whole family piled in next to a campfire to bring out the spirit of Mother Nature.

8. Queen Air Bed Mattress


Yeah yeah, you can sleep on your tiny little pads, but if we’re bringing the teepee tent, then we’re packing in this queen-sized air mattress, as well. It’ll also come in handy next time you have to relinquish your bed to your in-laws.

9. Cast Iron Set


Make the woods your kitchen with this set of cast iron cookware, and make dinner directly in the fire.

10. S’mores Maker


You didn’t think we’d forget the s’mores, did you? In the winter, you don’t want marshmallow sticking to your gloves, so invest in this s’mores maker that takes the mess out of everyone’s favorite snack.

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10 Campfire Must-Haves for Women of the Woods