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10 Camo Hats for Under $20

Here are some camo hats for under $20 that will get the job done.

4 - browning cap

Camo hats are a universal sign that you’re an outdoorsmen, so we thought it would be smart to help you find some that won’t break the bank.

Hats aren’t supposed to cost an arm and a leg, and when you find deals like these, you can devote more money to other gear you know you’ll need in the field.

Check out our selection and grab them while they’re at these prices, because they might not last very long.

View the slideshow to see the best camo hats for under $20.

1. Lamson LED Fishing Hat

We’ll start with the anglers, because it’s obvious hunters need camo hats, but we’ll get to those.

This Lamson LED Fishing Hat brings together good looks and utility with a great lighting mechanism under the brim for fishing or cleaning after dark. It’s available in non-camo too, if you want.

Price: $17.95

2.  Duck Dynasty Patch Cap

Jump on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon with this Patch Cap, which makes good use of the Realtree MAX-4 pattern.

The ducks won’t see the top of your head with this bad boy on, that’s for sure.

Sale Price: $9.99

3. Beretta Camo Cap

Two Realtree patterns give this Beretta Camo Cap great concealment and durability. One of the choices comes with a leather brim to add a little class.

The adjustable buckle will make it a great choice for a youngster’s hat that they’ll grow into.

Price: $14.00

4. Browning Bushwacker Camo Cap

Browning Bushwacker Camo Cap is just the thing you need to show your appreciation for one of hunting and shooting’s best brands.

Though it isn’t completely camo-covered, the deer won’t care.

Price: $17.99

5. Cabela’s ColorPhase™ Zonz™ Western Cap

The Cabela’s ColorPhase Zonz Western Cap actually changes color to match the conditions, a highly-touted technology that’s simply awesome.

As the temperature drops, the green color fades to muted brown, so you’ll have a year-round hat perfect for any weather.

Price: $13.99

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6. Mossy Oak Meshback Logo Camo Cap

Go with a Mossy Oak Meshback Logo Camo Cap to keep you cooler in the beginning of the season, and you won’t be sorry.

The hook-and-loop closure promises one size fits all.

Price: $14.99

7. Browning Hells Canyon Camo Cap

With a burning skull and a name like the Browning Hells Canyon Camo Cap, you can consider this a hardcore hunting hat.

The classic Browning buckmark is on the back, right above the adjustable closure.

Price: $17.99

8. Cabela’s Embroidered Wildlife Cap

One of the lowest priced hats we could find, this Cabela’s Embroidered Wildlife Cap is just what the hunting doctor ordered.

Two doses of scent-repellant, a few mgs of ammunition, and an early wake up call are in the prescription too.

Sale Price: $6.99

9. Remington Meshback Logo Camo Cap

Mossy Oak Obsession is patterned across the Remington Meshback Logo Camo Cap.

It’s a great idea to keep your head covered in camo, especially when going after turkeys.

Price: $14.99

10. Cabela’s Camo Logo Cap

If simplicity is what you’re after, this Cabela’s Camo Logo Cap is just the ticket.

It comes with a few different camo pattern options, so try to match your surroundings and hit the woods with confidence.

Sale Price: $11.20

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