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10 Bucks That Caught Our Eye in 2014 Deer Season [PICS]

Morning Moss

These 10 bucks caught the eye of many hunters during the 2014 deer season.

With deer populations in flux across the United States these ten individuals had an exceptional year and caught the eyes of many hunters.

1. Tiffany Lakosky

Tiffany shot this brute on New Years Eve on their farm in Iowa. "Wally" scored 190 inches and had 23 scorable poins.

Facebook/The Crush with Lee & Tiffany


2. Clayton Sohler

Sohler shot this buck on Nov. 15 in South Dakota. This giant scored a whopping 240 inches.

Morning Moss


3. Chris Warren Buck

Shot in South East Minnesota this incredible was shot early in the season while he still had his velvet. Talk about a buck of a lifetime!

Lake Link


4.  Franz Buck

This buck made waves across the hunting community this year. It is said to be the largest free-range buck to be shot on film. Shot in Iowa, this buck scored an astounding 258 inches.

Franz Buck


5. Eleanor Henry

Eleanor shot this 202-inch buck in Arkansas. It'll be hard top a buck like this!

Eleanor-Claire-Henry-202-inch-buck-Lincoln-County-Arkansas1 http-articlesdeer-deer-hunting-best-bucks-of-2014-15
Deer and Deer Hunting


6. Falck Buck

This 23-point buck was also shot near Decorah, Iowa. The buck grossed 244 inches. Iowa produced a lot of great deer this year, as usual.

Morning Moss


7. Daniel McVay

Shot in Oklahoma this gnarly, but typical frame scored 201 inches.

Deer and Deer Hunting


8. Colziah Jones

This mammoth typical buck was shot in Kansas during archery season. The buck 12 point grossed over 190 inches.

Heartland Outdoors


9. Eva Shockey

This buck quickly traveled across social media and caught the attention of many.

Outdoor Channel


10. Adam Hupf

Hupf shot this 200-inch plus buck with his trusty bow in Wisconsin. The buck could be a new state record for archery.

Deer and Deer Hunting

There are certanitly other big bucks that were taken in the 2014 deer season, but these are the bucks that made some major waves in the outdoor community. Now is the time to start preparing for 2015!


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10 Bucks That Caught Our Eye in 2014 Deer Season [PICS]