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10 Broken Fishing Records You Might Have Missed


Don't miss these 10 fishing records that might have flew under the radar. 

2016 is shaping up to be a great year of fishing across the nation. Records have been getting broken left and right. Here's a complied list of some new records that you might have missed in the amid of records being broken.

1. Pennsylvania Yellow Perch Record

perch record
Fish and Boat

Brian Clark caught this monster perch in Erie's Presque Isle this May and was named by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as the new state record the species. The catch measured 15 15/16 inches and weighed in at 2 pounds 14 ounces. It beat the previous record by 3 ounces.

2. Florida Catfish Record

florida catfish record

13 year old, Charles Patchen set a new state record on May 15 with a giant 63.8-pound flathead catfish on Chattahoochee River in Jackson County. The previous record flathead catfish weighed in at 55.05 pounds and was set five years ago on the Yellow River.

3. Montana Smallmouth Bass Record

Montana Smallmouth Bass Record

Jacob Fowler recently landed the new Montana smallmouth bass record with a 21-inch, 7.4-pound smallie. This giant small mouth beat the old record of 6.7 pounds and will likely be the record for a quite some time.

4. South Dakota Smallmouth Bass Record.

Lyal Held of Minnesota caught the new South Dakota smallmouth record and caught the whole thing on footage. Held beat the three year old record  by 3 ounces. The 7.3 pound smallmouth bass was caught in the first hour.

However, Held spent a lot of time of scouting the area and trying to locate the state record caliber fish. The record was set on April 23rd.

5. West Virginia Blue Catfish Record

West Virginia Blue Catfish Record

Mike  Blavelt of New Lebanon, Ohio has landed the new West Virginia blue catfish record. The giant cat was caught in the Ohio River during a fishing tournament. The blue catfish weighed in at nearly 60 pounds and was under 45 inches long.

6. Freshwater Record Drum Caught in Missouri

record drum

Joshua Cole of Reeds Spring, Missiuiru caught the record freshwater drum this spring bowfishing. It took two shoots to land securely land the giant fish.

The record fish weighed in at 30.15 pounds and measured to be 33 inches long. The Fish beat the old record by almost 4 pounds.

7. Hybrid Tiger Trout

reocrd tiger trout
Lincoln Journal Star

Cooper Shaw has broke the Nebraska state record for tiger trout this March. It weighed in at 1 pound, 3 ounces and was 15 1/8 inches long. The youngster caught the fish on a Daredevle spoon.

8. North Carolina Blue Catfish Record

Zakk Royce broke the North Carolina blue catfish record twice in 24 hours with a 91 pound and 105 pound blue catfish. Both of these fish broke the former 89-pound North Carolina record.

9. Missouri Buffalo Fish Record

Buffalo Fish
CBS Local

Travis Cardona brought in a 74-pound black buffalo record fish on March 13th, set a knew record that was broken just three days before. Missouri has had 11 new records set this spring, because they have implemented a new type of method with each record.

10. Georgia Walleye Record Fish

Georgia Walleye Record Fish

West Carlton broke the the Georgia walleye record by almost 3 pounds this February . The 14.2-pound walleye beat the former record set in 1995 by Neal Watson. The record walleye bit 4 times before he was able to set the hook on the record fish.

Why have there been so many records broken recently? Some experts believe it's because of the warmer temperatures the past two or three years. The warmer weather makes the fish more active and eat more. Therefore, growing bigger.

How many more records will be broken this year?


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10 Broken Fishing Records You Might Have Missed