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10 Most Bizarre Pets That Belong in the Woods, Not Your Living Room

National Geographic

What’s the most bizarre pet you can think of? If you thought of an ostrich, then we’re on the same page.

bizarre pet buffalo
Daily Mail

We’re not just talking about those naked, fur-less cats (although they are pretty bizarre too). These bizarre pets are taking it up a notch into the realm of “You have what?!”

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These bizarre pets really shouldn’t be in people’s homes, because they’re still wild animals. But that doesn’t stop the masses from accumulating these exotic creatures.

Check out this slideshow of the most bizarre pets you’ll ever see.

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1. Buffalo

bizarre pet buffalo

Daily Mail

Buffal-ohhh, betcha that thing leaves a mess on the rug…

2. Lion

bizarre pet lion

Orange Donkey

That’s nice to help your cat with gymnastics stretching, but how much longer before that drumstick isn’t enough to satisfy ol’ Simba?

3. Crocodile

bizarre pet crocodile

Johnie the crocodile has a plush life for a reptile. This suburban reptile gets frozen rats and has her own pool.

4. Chimp

bizarre pet chimp


I’ve seen Rise of Planet of the Apes – I know how this ends.

5. Serval

bizarre pet serval

Orange Donkey

Most of you are probably thinking…what the heck’s a serval? It’s a bizarre pet you shouldn’t have in your home.

6. Capybara

bizarre pet capybara


Everyone needs a swimming partner. Why not the world’s largest rodent?

7. Cougar

bizarre pet cougar


Hope you de-clawed that cat…

8. Cheetah

bizarre pet cheetah

The Sun

This woman has dogs and cats. What’s the big deal? Oh, there are three cheetahs in her house.

9. Burmese Python

bizarre pet python


Well, this looks completely safe, right? What could possibly go wrong?

10. Ostrich

bizarre pet ostrich


I don’t quite understand the appeal of having an ostrich in your home.

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10 Most Bizarre Pets That Belong in the Woods, Not Your Living Room