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10 Bits of Crazy Turkey Trivia You Never Knew

I know you were just sitting there thinking, well, here comes turkey season. Wish I knew a little more about turkeys…

Never fear! Here are 10 fun turkey facts that you can share with your buddies…and teach your kids a little trivia! They’re the next generation of turkey hunters, right?

1. Turkey meat has a bad reputation

Turkeys have the same amount of tryptophan as other meat. The whole Thanksgiving meal makes you tired, not just the turkey!

Kentucky Outdoor Adventures
Kentucky Outdoor Adventures

2. Yes, Number 2

The shape of a turkey’s droppings depends on its gender. Males produce spiral-shaped droppings, and females produce droppings shaped like the letter “J.”

3. The Pilgrims did not eat turkey

We actually have Sarah Josepha Hale and President Lincoln to thank for this delicious Thanksgiving tradition, which dates back to 1863.

4. Turkeys can fly!

Some turkeys can reach up to 55 mph for very short bursts.

turkey flock Henry ZemanNWTF

5. Turkeys are omnivores

They eat reptiles, berries, seeds, and insects.

6. Turkeys are vocal masters

They can exhibit over 20 distinct vocalizations, including a distinctive gobble that you can hear over a mile away! Easy pickins for hunters, right?

7. Turkeys are more familiar than we realize

Turkeys are very smart, extremely social, and highly sensitive, and, like people and dogs, create lasting  and affectionate social bonds with each other.

8. Turkeys are feather-full

They have more than 5000 feathers.

turkey slam ocellated turkey

9. They almost beat the bald eagle

Benjamin Franklin suggested the wild turkey to be the national bird of the USA instead of the bald eagle. Clearly he was out-turkeyed!

10. Turkeys are pretty much worshipped

The turkey is thought to have been a sacred animal in ancient Mexican cultures, including the Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs. These cultures called the turkey “Great Xolotl” and “jewelled birds.”

Any other tidbits of turkey info you’ve gleaned over the years? Share it with us!

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10 Bits of Crazy Turkey Trivia You Never Knew