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Top 10 Biggest Turkeys Ever Hunted

Any of these huge turkeys would make any Thanksgiving feast or spring hunter happy.

It’s a common misconception that wild turkeys taste bad or have tougher meat, but let that misconception hold; savory, fresh wild turkey breasts are best kept secret.

Hunters have been hunting wild turkeys for a long time now and have been able to harvest some that tip the scales. Going turkey hunting is an incredible experience, even when you don’t down a huge bird.

Here are 10 of the biggest turkeys ever hunted in no particular order.

1. World Record Turkey

biggest turkey
Chicago On Now

Last spring, a new world record turkey was confirmed by the NTWF. The turkey was shot by David Cody Guess in Lyon County, Kentucky. The whopping turkey weighed 37.6 pounds. That’s a big bird!

2. Youth Hunter’s Turkey

2nd biggest
Outdoor Writers

Jacob Braught, at one time, had the heaviest turkey recorded by the NWTF. The turkey was shot in Oregon during the 2002 season. The turkey weighted 37.2 pounds and at the time had the 12th longest beard in the world measuring, 12 6/16th inches.

3. Quadruple Long Beard

quadruple long beard

This turkey bowhunter arrowed a big turkey with plenty of beards. In fact it had four long beards measuring, 10 inches, 8-1/2 inches, 7 inches, and 6-3/4 inches, for a grand total of 32-1/4 inches.

4. Big Gobbler

Hunt Drop

I’m not certain of all the details of this turkey except it is a Gould’s turkey that was brought down by a junior hunter in Arizona.

5. Another Huge Turkey

big turkey

The only thing we know about this turkey: “First I took my wife out on opening day and she killed the biggest turkey I’ve ever seen…”

6. Turkey from the Blind

7. 3rd Largest Iowa Bow Turkey

If you want to skip straight to the shot, head to the 4:20 mark in the video. The turkey had multiple beards measuring up at 28.5 inches.

8. Todd Pringnitz’s Turkey

Wired to Hunt

In 2010, Todd shot his first turkey which happened to be a world record at the time. The turkey had six beards which measured over 49 inches.

9. Larry Griffin’s Bird

In 2001, Larry Griffin of Clackamas Oregon shot the biggest turkey ever recorded by the NWTF. The record was beat the following year. The bird weighed 35.8125 pounds, which still holds first place for the heaviest bird shot with a bow.

10. Shelby Lowe’s Turkey

Shelby Lowe holds the record for the heaviest turkey shot by a female. She shot the 31-pound bird in 2010 in Bartholomew, Indiana with a shotgun.

Think you’ve shot a huge turkey or have one pinned out for this spring? Learn how to register your turkey with the NWTF.



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Top 10 Biggest Turkeys Ever Hunted