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10 Biggest Pope and Young Bucks of All Time [PICS]

Take a moment to admire the biggest archery Pope and Young bucks of all time. 

Pope and Young is the club of record for archery animals that were taken under the compliance of various requirements. For whitetails, the minimum requirement for a typical buck must measure at least 125 inches, and a non-typical must measure 155 inches.

Here are the top 10 typical Pope and Young bucks of all time:

10. Robert Miller

robert miller buck
Angel Fire

Robert Miller shot this giant 194 2/8 inch, 12-point in Jones County, Iowa in 1977. The buck ranks as #2 for all time Iowa typical bucks.

9. Kent Anderson

kent anderson
Morning Moss

This buck was shot in Rock Island Count, Illinois by Kent Anderson in 1999. The buck scored 195 2/8. The 17-point is highly symmetrical with mammoth tines.

8. Barry Peterson

barry peterson
Morning Moss

Peterson shot this buck in Anoka County, Minnesota early in the season back in 1995. He shot this giant 195 7/8 on September 16, and it's the earliest in the year among the list.

7. Justin Metzner

Pope and Young

Another Midwest record comes in at number seven. Metzner shot this buck in 2006 while hunting in Adams County, Ohio. The buck scored 196 6/8.

6. Don McGarvey

Morning Moss

McGarvey shot a southern swamp monster during the 1991 deer season. The 191 1/8 buck was shot in Edmonton, Alabama.

5. Curt Van Lith

Morning Moss

Another Minnesota buck makes the list at number 5. Lith shot this buck in 1986 while hunting Wright County. The buck score 197 7/8 inches. This buck has nearly 30 inch main beams and boasts 11 points.

4. Lloyd Goad

Morning Moss

Goad shot this Iowa buck in Monroe County during the 1962 season. The 197 6/9 inch buck was shot on December 2 with a recurve bow and wooden arrows. Originally Goad's buck was the biggest typical buck, but was later dethroned.

3. Tim Reed

Pope and Young

During the 2004 Ohio archery season Tim Reed shot this 7x7 whitetail that as impressive G2s that measure over 14 inches each. The buck scores 198 3/8 inches and is currently the third biggest Pope and Young typical buck of all time.

2. Hubert (Tiggy) Collins

Morning Moss

Collins shot this buck in Sturgeon River, Saskatchewan during the 2003 season. This massive buck scored 203 3/8 inches with a 6x6 frame.

Tiggy was intent on just shooting a doe that hunt, but a record book buck decided to make an appearance instead. Take a look at the mass of this buck's antlers!

1. Mel Johnson

Pope and Young

Finally, number one. Mel Johnson shot this buck in Peoria County, Illinois back in 1965. The Johnson buck has been the number one buck for an extremely long time, even though many other deer were rumored to break the record, but ultimately fall short.

Johsnon shot the buck with an old fashion recurve bow. The buck has a 24-inch inside spread and 13 total points. I've seen this buck in person various times and it's simply amazing.

Is this the year a new record will creep its way into the Pope and Young record book?

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10 Biggest Pope and Young Bucks of All Time [PICS]