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10 of the Biggest Deer Shot in 2015

These 10 deer shot during the 2015 caught our attention for good reason. 

The 2015 deer season was a roller coaster across the nation. Some hunters across the states had great seasons, while others are facing declining deer populations. For instance, Wisconsin had a frustrating deer season and Illinois’ harvest numbers were actually up from the year before.

Regardless of deer populations, some giant deer were shot and made waves across the Internet. Here are 10 of the biggest deer shot in 2015.

1. Austin Earley’s South Dakota Non-Typical Archery Record Buck

South Dakota Hunting

This buck was shot on Sept. 28 by Austin Earley. The buck was recently confirmed as the new South Dakota non-typical archery record. It beat the old record by nearly 30 inches.

This 20-point scored 241 0/8 inches! Learn the whole story here.

2. Mark Drury’s 211-Inch Whitetail

drury outdoors
Drury Outdoors

Drury Outdoors had an unbelievably successful season this year. Their team scored on multiple deer over 200 inches.

Mark’s buck is the largest whitetail buck taken by bow in Drury Outdoors’ history! Learn the whole story and watch an exclusive interview about the buck here.

3. Micalah Millard’s Top 5 Oklahoma Buck


Micalah Millard of Skiatook,Oklahoma shot a legendary whitetail in October while she was hunting with her dad. The buck scored a typical 187 and 1/8 inches. Learn all about the whole hunt here.

4. Jim Thome’s 196-Inch Illinois Typical Whitetail

Drury Outdoors

Jim Thome is really good at two things– hitting home runs and shooting big bucks. Thome shot this buck on opening day during Illinois’ archery season. Learn more about this great Illinois typical whitetail.

5. The Coffman Buck

Facebook/Your Wild Ohio Hunter

This buck is unarguably the biggest deer shot with a bow. In fact, it’s the pending second largest Pope & Young non-typical buck of all time.

The buck was shot in Ohio in late October. It’s rumored that the buck scored over 300 inches and netted 286 inches. North American Whitetail will be the first to officially tell the story about this unbelievable buck on “The Break” in 2016.

6. Chris Brackett Saskatchewan Buck

Chris Brackett
Facebook/ Fear No Evil

Chris Brackett shot his largest whitetail to date in Saskatchewan with his bow this year in late October. The buck made waves across social media gathering a bit of attention. Want to learn more about the hunt? Read the exclusive interview.

7. Chris Brackett’s Gnarly Illinois Buck

brackett deer
Facebook/ Fear No Evil

Later in the season, in his home state of Illinois, Chris Brackett shot an even bigger buck.

8. Jeff Harrison’s Minnesota Buck

Facebook/ Drury Outdoors

Jeff Harrison shot this 207-inch whitetail in Minnesota in December and caught the attention of hunters across the world.

9. Record Book Illegal Louisiana Buck 

LA buck
Facebook/Louisiana Bowhunter

This buck made news for all the wrong reasons. A hunter who was a guest on a Louisiana lease shot this buck without a hunting license, because his rights were revoked in a previous year.

This poaching story didn’t resonate well with the hunting community. If it was taken legally it would have ranked the third largest, non-typical, archery deer ever harvested in Louisiana. Read the full story about the illegally shot buck.

10. Tiffany Lakosky’s Largest Archery Whitetail

lakosky buck

This Iowa buck scored 181 inches and was estimated to be a 7.5-year-old whitetail. She tagged this buck early in the season.

If you haven’t notched your tag around a big buck yet, don’t fret. The 2015 season is far from over. The Midwest is one cold front away from enticing that big buck into your well-prepared food plots.

Also, I’m sure there are many other great bucks shot this year, but these particular bucks made waves across the Internet and caught the attention of many. Do you know of other big whitetails that would match up with biggest deer shot in 2015?

Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Congratulations to the folks who have already filled their tag and good luck to the hunters who are still patiently waiting!

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10 of the Biggest Deer Shot in 2015