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10 Biggest Deer Harvested in Texas

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These Texas trophies will make you want to schedule a deer hunting trip to the Lonestar state.

Texas is well-known for being a top trophy hunting destination. Hundreds of sprawling hunting ranches and outfitters  are scattered across the state. Many are high fenced and breed their own trophy deer, while others have low fences and present a bigger challenge in harvesting a free range whitetail.

Either way, taking a deer the size of the ones on this list of the biggest deer harvested in Texas is a dream for any hunter. All data was gathered from Texas Big Game Awards, which have been keeping big game records in Texas since 1991.

10. Phillip Stringer Buck

Taken in 1992, on a low fence ranch in Zapata County, the deer had a gross measurement of 199 6/8" and a net score of 187". The deer is noteworthy because of a lawsuit between Stringer and the owner of the ranch where the deer was shot, over who would get to keep the deer's antlers. Stringer eventually won the case and got to keep his trophy.

9. Larry Pancake Buck

Pancake took this typical deer in 1994 in Donley County, southeast of Amarillo, Texas. The deer measured 198" gross and 187 4/8 net. It was the biggest typical whitetail taken in Texas that year.

8. Steven O'Carrol Buck

The biggest free range typical whitetail ever taken in Texas belongs to Steven O'Carroll. O'Carroll took this deer in 1991 in Shackelford County. It scored a net measurement of 190 5/8".

Steve O'Carroll
Texas Big Game Awards


7. Dustin Nichols Buck

This Kinney County deer was taken in 2012 and is the second largest typical whitetail taken in Texas. The deer scored a gross measurement of 208 5/8" and a net measurement of 190 7/8".

Texas Big Game Awards
Texas Big Game Awards

6. Jack Brittingham Buck

Taken in 2010 at Rancho Encantado in south Texas, the biggest typical whitetail ever harvested in Texas measured 213 7/8" gross and 196 1/8" net. Brittingham is the owner of the high fenced ranch, and took the deer with archery equipment.

5. Robert Taylor Buck

This non-typical buck scored 260 4/8" gross and 254 4/8 net. Taylor took the deer on his 4.7 acre property in Grayson County, Texas. After spotting the buck on his property, Taylor made the decision to start bow hunting and see if he could take the deer. On Dec. 29, 2012, Taylor finally got his shot, and he made it count.

Texas Big Game Awards
Texas Big Game Awards

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4. AJ Downs Buck

The Texas archery record belongs to AJ Downs with this monster whitetail taken in 2012 just before Robert Taylor downed his buck. Downs killed his deer at Lazy M Ranch in San Jacinto County, Texas. The deer measured 268 5.8" gross and 256 4/8" net.

Texas Big Game Awards
Texas Big Game Awards

3. Matthew Romero Buck

This non-typical whitetail was taken at Deep Creek Ranch, a high fence ranch in Coryell County, Texas. The deer scored a 267 5/8 gross measurement and a 264 5/8 net measurement.

2. Mark Lee Buck

The biggest free range whitetail ever taken in Texas was taken in Houston County in 2013. It took Lee nearly two years of work to harvest the deer of a lifetime. After first spotting him in the summer of 2012, Lee and his son spent every waking moment thinking about how to take him down. Almost 2 years later, Lee finally got a shot at the 31-point deer, which measured a gross score of 278 5/8" and a net score of 268 4/8".

Texas Big Game Awards
Texas Big Game Awards


1. Mark Barrett Buck

Mark Barrett took the Texas state record whitetail in 2010 at his family-owned high fence ranch in Webb county, Texas. This was the second record breaking buck taken at Las Raices Ranch, as the record was previously held by Mark's son. Mark's record measured a gross score of 307 1/8" and a net score of 292 1/8". Check out this video to see footage of the deer taken by the Barrett's during preseason scouting.

Texas Hunting.Com  
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10 Biggest Deer Harvested in Texas