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10 Biggest Deer Ever Harvested in Ohio

These are some of the biggest deer ever harvested in Ohio.

Ohio has been keeping records of deer harvests since 1957. The Buckeye Big Buck Club created an online database for hunters to refer to.

These are the scores of the biggest deer ever harvested in Ohio, the hunters that harvested them, and how they did it.

Brad Jerman2004Crossbow201 1/8
William D Kontras1986Long Bow201 1/8
Tim Reed2004Long Bow198 3/8
John D Daugherty2006Modern Shotgun193 1/8
Kenny Pickard2006Muzzleloader192 3/8
Bill Frost1994Modern Shotgun192 1/8
Lowell E Kinney2000Modern Shotgun191 5/8
Clifton Rowe1990Modern Shotgun191 3/8
Santo Fallo2004Muzzleloader191 1/4
Brian Peters2009 Crossbow190 1/4

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It’s cool to note that the top spot is occupied by two deer, one shot in 1986 with a long bow, and another with a crossbow 18 years later.

Something even more interesting was that the top three biggest bucks were all harvested with bows. This speaks to the skills that bow hunters have and proves that hunting with a bow and arrow isn’t necessarily a disadvantage.

Now that we’ve seen these records, we’re wondering when the next time a buck will hit the top 10 list will be. The last time a buck made the list was in 2009.

Information via Buckeye Big Buck Club

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10 Biggest Deer Ever Harvested in Ohio