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10 Best Venison Recipe Posts from Wide Open Spaces [PICS]

Feast your eyes on the best venison recipes to ever grace the pages of Wide Open Spaces.


A lot of venison recipes have come and gone over the years here at Wide Open Spaces. Some have been good, some have been great, some have gone over like a wet bed sheet. Regardless of what recipes you may have liked so far, hit the reset button with us and check out some of the best venison recipes that have ever been published on the site.

The best part, this is just in time for deer season!

Be sure to share these with your friends so we all can get ready to try some of these incredible venison recipes together.

Click below to see the best venison recipes to ever be published on Wide Open Spaces. 

An Illustrated Guide to the 7 Cuts of Venison

Deviant Art

Which part of the deer is your favorite to make your best venison recipes? If you don’t know, this guide and informational article will help point you in the right direction.

Click here to see the 7 cuts of venison you need to know.

How to Cook Venison Tenderloin

This recipe is called The Deer Hunter’s Thanksgiving, and for good reason. A ton of ingredients goes into it, but the end result is something that you will look forward to again and again, just like Thanksgiving!

This will also be the recipe you make for your hunting buddies around the holidays after everyone else is all stuffed full of turkey.

Click here for the recipe.

Top 8 Venison Stew Recipes

And Here We Are

Do you ever look and look for a great venison stew recipe just to give up and go back to the same old recipe you have cooked all those times before? Well, now you are in luck. Not only is there one great recipe here, there are seven more to keep you covered!

Click here for the recipes.

Top 5 Venison Marinades

What good is a great cut of venison if you don’t have a great venison marinade to go with it? Luckily, here are the top 5 best venison marinades around. Be sure to try one of these the next time time you are out in the kitchen.

Click here for the marinades.

Top 5 Venison Chili Recipes


Winter is fast approaching and chili is often the meal most asked for when the weather outside is frightful. Here are five of the best venison chili recipes you are going to find just about anywhere. Make sure you save this one for later.

Click here for the recipes.

Top 6 Venison Burger Recipes

Venison burgers are a flat-out staple in the American hunter’s kitchen. These six burgers will become staples in yours as well. Each one just might be better than next, but that is for you to decide.

Click here for the recipes.

Top 5 Venison Roast Recipes

Cully’s Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good venison roast? As a matter of fact, one of these recipes is actually what got my wife into eating more venison!

Click here for the recipes.

Can Venison and Have It Ready Year-Round

Cutest Blog on the Block

Canned tomatoes, canned corn, canned venison? You bet. This incredible recipe will show you exactly how to can your own venison so you can keep it longer and maybe even taste better too!

Click here for the recipe.

Top 5 Venison Jerky Recipes

Living Ready

Venison jerky just might be the ultimate outdoors snack. Here are five recipes that you need to make that venison jerky right…the first time.

Click here for the recipes.

Top 6 Venison Tenderloin Recipes

Rufus’s Food and Spirit Guide

The second venison tenderloin piece to make the list, and surely not to disappoint, here are six the very best venison tenderloin recipes you will ever find. You can thank us later.

Click here for the recipes

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10 Best Venison Recipe Posts from Wide Open Spaces [PICS]