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10 Best Places to Catch Spring Bass in Missouri [PICS]

If you’re hoping to catch your limit of bass this spring, you should head over to one of these Missouri sweet spots.

Best Bait for Fishing
Best Bait for Fishing

Whether they’re fishing waters in Missouri’s flatlands, rolling hills or rugged river country, anglers have plenty of opportunities to catch bass this spring. Not only are populations of largemouth, smallmouth, spotted and white bass prevalent in Missouri’s waters, but anglers also get to enjoy breathtaking scenery and mild spring weather.

Check out our top 10 places to catch spring bass in Missouri.

Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks

The 55,000-acre reservoir may be filled with boats and partiers in the summer months, but Lake of the Ozarks offers some of the nation’s best spring bass fishing with largemouths aplenty from March until May.

Mozingo Lake

Mozingo Lake

The 1,000-acre lake in northwest Missouri offers a variety of species to Kansas City-area anglers, particularly largemouth bass. In fact, it generally takes at least five 20-pounders to win the typical bass tournament at Mozingo Lake.

Table Rock Lake

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Located in southwest Missouri, Table Rock Lake has been called the bass fisherman’s dream. Not only do all three species of bass call this 43,100-acre reservoir home, but spring fishing is particularly impressive. The lake is home to more than one national bass tournament, and is highly rated by professional anglers.

Bull Shoals

Sierra Ozark

Thanks to several consecutive years of good spawns, Bull Shoals Lake has seen a resurgence in bass fishing. Anglers can take advantage of fishing the particularly large white bass in this 45,150-acre lake on the Missouri-Arkansas border.

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area


The many lakes and ponds nestled within the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area, located just outside of St. Louis, are home to a large population of largemouth bass, although most are below the 15-inch minimum length. If you’re looking for lots of bites and don’t mind to catch and release, this is the perfect fishing spot for you.

Stockton Lake

Missouri Lake Info

The 24,900-acre lake in southwest Missouri is known for Kentucky bass weighing in between three to five pounds, as well as eight to nine-pound largemouth. Anglers can also catch their share of smallmouth in bluff-filled areas to the north.

Montrose Lake

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Central Missouri’s 1,500-acre Montrose Lake is better known for its supreme carp and catfish angling, but it’s also home to some trophy-sized bass. According to a recent survey of the lake, 10 percent of the bass were at least 18 inches in length, and many weighed more than eight pounds.

Meramac River


The upper Meramac, located southwest of St. Louis, is one of the best smallmouth rivers in the state. In fact, anglers often come away with bass 20 inches or longer. The Meramac’s upper stretch is home to one of Missouri’s black bass special management areas, where the daily limit is one fish measuring 15 inches or longer.

Norfork Lake

Sierra Ozark

Anglers can enjoy great fishing on another lake along the MIssouri-Arkansas border. Norfork Lake is home to white, spotted and largemouth bass, the latter two biting heavily in the spring and summer.

Lake Wappapello

Explore the Ozarks

Lake Wappapello in southeast Missouri, located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, is known for its largemouth bass, but anglers can also catch some nice-sized white bass, crappie and channel catfish. The 45,000-acre lake is fed by the St. Francis River and features plenty of underwater fish shelters.

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10 Best Places to Catch Spring Bass in Missouri [PICS]