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The 10 Best Mule Deer Videos We Could Find

Who has mule deer on their mind?

Here’s a warning. If you don’t, you will after these 10 videos.

1. Up close and personal

Nick Mundt finds himself in this deer’s bedroom, and shoots from just a few feet away. Yes, the video is a tease at the end, but it’s enough to get your blood pumping!

2. Monster muleys and AC-DC

What song goes better with a kill compilation than ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC-DC?

We will answer for you, there isn’t one. Watch big Mule Deer hit the dirt to this rock anthem.

3. The ol’ spot and stalk

Colorado ended well for Jake and Team Radical as he arrows a 190″ stud with a bow.

Spot and stalk can be very effective on mule deer, and it paid off for this young man.

4. Monsters do exist

Just an absolute giant! When you dream of the perfect muley, this is what usually comes to mind. This deer would have anyone shaking, and that is why it has gotten so much social media buzz. Good grief!

5. 95 yards with a bow

Now we don’t advise you to be taking 95-yard shots with a bow, but Tim Wells is a different kind of human. Tim’s archery skills are second to none and he is confident and accurate up to ridiculous ranges.

And because of that, Tim has a toad on the wall. Wow.

6. Insane mule deer migration

We take a break from hunts on this video to show just how amazing these animals are. You have to respect them and their will to survive. Interesting video with some amazing footage. No surprise that the video has almost five million views.

7. Big daddy

The video is not crazy intense by any means, but how can you not love that rack? Will Farrar lands a monster in Montana in the snow covered terrain. Blood trailing in the snow is always a good time.

8. Sir, you dropped something

Finding a shed antler is tough. Finding both sides is amazing. Filming a mule deer dropping both sides, that is just plain absurd! Oh, and it has a drop tine.

9. Cat got your tongue?

Unfortunately it is a cat-eat-deer world out there and this stuff happens in nature. Predators are going to do what predators do. Not very often is someone there to witness it all and catch it on film though.

On this day, the cougar will enjoy the back straps instead of us and that is a bummer.

10. Buck brawl

Fight! Fight! Fight! Last but not least, we send you off with an epic Muley battle. These two bucks go at it for over eight minutes and we love every minute of it. All over a woman, who would have thought that?


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The 10 Best Mule Deer Videos We Could Find