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7 of the Craziest Locked Antler Rescues on the Books

Look no further. These are some of the best photos of locked antler rescues out there.

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When members of the deer family (e.g., deer, elk, moose, etc.) fight during the rut, they sometimes clash antlers so fiercely that they will lock together. Locked antlers typically mean game over for both animals.

It’s a real shame because generally the most dominant and impressive animals fight this fiercely, resulting in losing two amazing bucks or bulls.

Thankfully, there are good Samaritans in the whitetail woods who risk bodily injury to free these animals.
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1. Washington

locked antler 1

Daily Mail

Some hunters were chasing cougars in Washington when they spotted these two bucks. The two had locked antlers and had been attacked by three coyotes. One of the bucks unfortunately died in the process, but the hunters freed the other.

2. Illinois

locked antler 2

Daily Mail

When two bucks were locked together and destined for a slow death, an Illinois conservation police officer thought of a creative solution to save the animals. He used his handgun to shoot the tines off the antlers. After the fourth shot, both deer jumped up and survived another day.

3. Utah

locked antler 3

Outdoor Oddities

These two elk bulls had locked antlers and one had perished from exhaustion. A conservation officer was able to saw enough tines off to free the living bull. Afterward, the elk stood there catching its breath with the sawed-off antler still resting on its own set.

5. Texas

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A Texas game warden was also forced to come up with a unique solution to a locked antler problem. Two determined bucks somehow got their antlers tied in a piece of rope and wrapped around a clothesline pole. The warden reached down from his truck to cut the rope to avoid getting kicked or gored.

6. Illinois

locked antler 6

During a late season hunt, this team was able to tie up a buck pair that were locked together in a snowy field. The team sawed off the antlers to release the live deer, which gave the men their monthly cardiac stress test.

9. Unrevealed

locked antler 9

Outdoor Oddities

These two bucks had locked antlers and then got caught up in a barbed-wire fence. One buck died and the other was sure to do the same, until a farmer came along. He was able to pry the bucks apart, saving at least one magnificent buck.

10. Nevada

locked antler 10

Outdoor Hub

A water district inspector in Las Vegas Valley found these two bull elk that had locked antlers. Again, one bull had died in the process of the fight. But the inspector and his team was able to rescue the living bull just in time!

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7 of the Craziest Locked Antler Rescues on the Books