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10 Best Hunting Bows for Women, 2015 Edition

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One-third of archery participants are women, and it seems like bow manufacturers are finally listening.

As a woman, the biggest challenge when shopping for a bow is finding the right draw length without sacrificing the power, precision, and speed.

It's no secret that most women have shorter draw lengths than men. Shooting a bow with a draw length that's too long for you will absolutely wreck your groups.

While most reviews focus on the aesthetic design of compound bows for women, serious female archers are more interested in the functionality, quality, and features.

Optimized with the female form in mind, these 10 bows for women will have you shooting right on target.

1. Bear Archery Bounty


Bear Bounty
Bass Pro Shops

With an axle-to-axle length of 29.75", the Bear Archery Bounty is great for both ground blinds and treestands. Designed with the smaller frame and shorter arm span of female archers in mind, this bow has a draw length ranging from 23.5-27-inches.

For those just getting started, the Bear Bounty comes with Bear's Ready to Hunt package. Complete with a whisker biscuit, 4-pin sight, stabilizer and sling, and quiver all from Trophy Ridge plus a peep sight and nock loop, you'll be ready to shoot as soon as you leave the store.

The best part? Pink is optional.

2. BowTech Archery Eva Shockey Signature Series


Bowtech Eva Shockey
Bowtech Archery

Built with the expertise of decorated huntress and television host Eva Shockey, BowTech Archery's Eva Shockey Signature Series features the best technology on the market today. With Binary Overdrive cams, Powershift technology and FLX-Guard cable roller included, this bow finally delivers the high-end performance serious female archers have been asking for.

Weighing in at just 3.3 lbs with an IBO speed of 332 fps, the Eva Shockey Signature Series is light and fast. Keep in mind, however, that this premium bow also comes with a premium price.

3. Elite Archery Spirit


Elite Spirit
Elite Archery

Spirit is Elite Archery's first bow specifically designed for women in nearly five years. Though it weighs slightly more than other women's bows on the market at 3.9 pounds, Spirit's riser cage is what sets it apart.

This bow is quiet, smooth, and has a great back wall.

4. Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX


Hoyt Archery
Hoyt Archery

Hoyt has a history of catering to the female archer demographic. With an axle-to-axle length of 28-inches, the ultra-compact Carbon Spyder FX is ideal for tight quarters.

Despite its small size, this bow is lethal. Fitted with UltraFlex limbs and the DFX cam-and-a-half system, the Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX is extremely well balanced.

This bow is available in four standard finishes, but like other Hoyt products, there are a host of accent colors and custom finishes to choose from including the sleek Vicxen options.

5. Mathews Chill SDX


Mathews Chill SDX
Mathews Archery

Mathews has long standing reputation for producing some of the highest quality bows on the market and the Chill SDX is no exception.

This top-of-the-line dual cam bow is smooth, fast, and exceptionally accurate. Designed with the female archer in mind, the draw length is adjustable down the 1/2-inch ranging from 22-29 inches.

Available in black and Lost Camo, the Chill SDX can be enhanced with Mathews new PNK graphics package for woman who want just a touch of femininity.

6. Mission Archery Craze II


Craze 2
Mission Archery

Designed to minimize noise and felt recoil, the Craze II compound bow from Mission Archery is equipped with the brand's new F.I.T.,Focused Inertia Technology, Cam System.

With hyper adjustable draw lengths and weights, this bow is great for any age and gender. Available in 10 finishes all with an ergonomic grip, the Craze II is a good value at a relatively low price point.

7. PSE Stinger X Stiletto


PSE Stinger Stilletto
Sportsman Guide

Wildly popular in 2015, PSE Archery already announced the return of the Stinger X Stiletto for 2016.

With high performance X-Tech split limbs and an adjustable XS cam, this bow was tailored to fit the unique needs of women.

With the ability to fire arrows at up to 316 fps and a 75 percent let-off, the only downside of this bow is that it's only available in a right hand configuration (sorry, lefties).

On the plus side, the PSE Stinger X RTS Stiletto Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, Gemini™ sight, Whisker Biscuit® rest, flexxtech 3 stabilizer, shadow quiver, PSE neoprene sling, peep sight, and nock loop.

8. Quest Storm


Quest Storm
Quest Bowhunting

So long, pink! The sleek, high-performing Quest Storm is the first bow to come dipped in Realtree AP Purple.

But, don't let the girly color fool you. This bow is a serious shooter. Like the top men's bows on the market, the Quest Storm frame is made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum, yielding excellent durability and precision.

9. Bear Archery Cruzer


Bear Cruzer
Bass Pro Shops

Another ready-to-hunt bow from Bear Archery, the Cruzer is a best seller and for good reason. Available in six different finishes to suit even the most feminine archers, this bow offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Not only is the Cruzer equipped with an axle-to-axle length of 32-inches and wide adjustable draw weight range, but also comes loaded with all the latest Bear Archery technology.

10. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro


Diamond Infinite Edge
Bass Pro Shops

This grow-with-you bow is more adjustable than before. With a draw length ranging from 13-31 inches and a draw weight ranging from 5-70 pounds, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is perfect for beginning archers, youth and women alike.

Though this bow weighs in at just 3.2 pounds, it packs a punch with a shooting speed of up to 310 fps.

With so many more bows for women on the market, the important thing to remember is that it's about finding which bow is the best fit for you.

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