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10 Best Hiking Trails in the World


Hiking trails offer the perfect opportunity to escape our everyday troubles as we experience new and exciting adventures.

Are you in need of a vacation? Have you been thinking about escaping from the stresses of everyday life and going on an epic hiking trail adventure? Whether you’re a skilled outdoor adventurer or you’re an average Joe who wants to experience what the great outdoors has to offer, there is an amazing trail waiting for your footsteps.

Here are ten trails to get you racing to your boots and straight out the door to enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

1. Appalachian Trail

Location: Georgia to Maine, United States

This is one epic hiking trail that most hikers will aspire to complete. Taking between five and seven months to finish, the trail starts in Georgia and finishes in Maine covering 2,200 miles.

Crossing the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the Appalachian Trail offers spectacular views from start to finish.

flickr/Nicholas A. Tonelli
Flickr/Nicholas A. Tonelli


2. Mount Kilimanjaro

Location: Tanzania

Despite the fact that Mount Kili, also known as the “Roof of Africa,” reaches 19, 340 feet into the sky making it Africa’s highest peak, it is a trek that is doable for even inexperienced hikers. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t require what mountaineers call “technical climbing.” Unsurprisingly, this is why thousands of people climb it each year, going through five different climatic zones to reach the summit, which takes between five to ten days to complete.

flickr/Tobi Roaming Africa
Flickr/Tobi Roaming Africa


3. Santa Cruz Trek

Location: Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Considered the most popular hike located in the White Mountains of Peru, the Santa Cruz Trek is a 31-mile hike that takes around four days to complete, making it accessible for people of all experience levels. During the hike, hikers can enjoy hot springs and beautiful views of meadows and snow-capped peaks.



4. Tour du Mont Blanc

Location: Switzerland, Italy and France

Passing through three countries this 105-mile hiking trail is one of the world’s most popular long-distance routes, which passes over the highest peak in western Europe, the 15, 770-foot Mont Blanc Massif. Taking around ten days to complete, the Tour du Mont Blanc guides hikers through seven different valleys, lush forests, snowfields, mountain passes and secluded villages.

flickr/Brian Andersen
Flickr/Brian Andersen


5. Zion Narrows

Location: Utah, United States

The Zion Narrows, which forms part of the Zion National Park, is a gorge that has been carved out by the Virgin River. Stretching 16 miles long with some parts reaching around 2,000 feet deep and spanning around 20 to 30 feet wide, the Zion Narrows is not an easy hike and is considered as an unusual hike to undertake. As the river marks the route there is not a trail to follow, while about 60% of the hike will involve hikers having to wade through the river.


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6. Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Location: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is considered as a breathtakingly beautiful coastal hike. The 186-mile path reaches 35,000 feet in ascent and descent and is said to be the equivalent of climbing Everest; however, it is still accessible to all walkers of all abilities due to the fact that it can be broken down into shorter sections.

Passing 58 beaches and 14 harbors, hikers have ample opportunities to view volcanic headlands, glacial valleys and a plethora of bird life and coastal flora throughout the hike.



7. Yellowstone’s Wild Southwest

Location: Wyoming, United States

Located at the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park is a 27-mile hike, taking hikers through Bechler Meadows, offering immense lush forests and stunning mountains. A hike that can be split over several days, it is famously known for its hot spring such as Mr. Bubbles and the Lone Star Geyser, which erupts every three hours.

flickr/Leslie Timmons
Flickr/Leslie Timmons


8. Inca Trail

Location: Peru

If you want to visit Machu Picchu, this is the hike to take. Totalling 27 miles, the hike includes Andes Mountains scenery and subtropical Amazon jungle, which ends at the Sun Gate located on Machu Picchu mountain. In order to prevent erosion on the mountain only 200 trekkers are permitted on the trail every day, which means it’s a good idea to plan ahead. During the hike expect to travel for four to five days through Incan ruins, tunnels, alpine tundra, cloud forests and settlements.



9. Bibbulmun Track

Location: Torndirrup National Park, Australia

Spanning 620 miles across western Australia, the Bibbulmun Track is a long-distance trail that starts from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to the historic town of Albany located on the south coast. There are plenty of smaller hikes for day hikers to take advantage of; however, for those who want to undertake the entire trail expect to need around 60 days to complete it as it takes hikers through waterfalls, forests, vineyards and wild beaches, passing through 22 national parks and reserves.

flickr/Inspiration Outdoors
Flickr/Inspiration Outdoors


10. Kungsleden

Location: Sweden

Also known as “The King’s Trail,” this 275-mile trail between Abisko and Hemavan is considered one of the world’s best hiking trails. Delivering some of Sweden’s most striking landscapes, it passes through vast wilderness areas, four national parks and a nature reserve. If you want to hike the entire trail, expect to spend at least a month hiking it.

flickr/Palle Zingmark
Flickr/Palle Zingmark

Get adventuring!

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