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10 of the Best Gunfights Ever Shown In the Movies [VIDEO]

Enjoy this You Tube version of the 10 greatest movie gunfights ever.

Here are a few of the thousands of gun-battles that have spawned some of the greatest quotes ever, and remind us of why we love the movies.

Have fun watching this compilation of movie gunfights.

1. Django Unchained – Candyland Shootout

Nothing says shootout better than a little revenge.

2. Hot Fuzz – Mindless Violence

Bloody fun (pun intended). Someone who reminds us of mom with a sub-machine gun? Okay.

3. Scarface – ‘Say hello to my little friend!’

Best gun quote ever. ‘Nuff said.

4. Heat – Street shootout

Good guys against the bad guys. De Niro and Pacino. Fugget about it.

5. The Outlaw Josey Wales – Bounty Hunter

Great quote part two: “Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy.”

6. Pulp Fiction – Divine intervention

Not a huge gunfight, but a memorable one.

Just the look on their faces makes this scene worth watching.

7. True Grit (1969) – Fill your hands, you son-of-a-bitch

You can’t have a gunfight without the Duke. John Wayne was king of the western and will always be remembered as such.

*Note a young Robert Duvall as Lucky Ned Pepper who utters the iconic line: “I call that bold talk for a one eyed fat man. The rest is history.

8. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid – The fall will probably kill you

Sometimes the best shootout ever, never even happened.

Two of the most famous robbers in history get chased for hundreds of miles only to get trapped in the hills near a canyon. They hunker down for what will be their last great gunfight. Or do they?

9. The Terminator – I’ll be back

Arguably, the most remembered line in the history of the shootout.

From then on, when Arnold spoke, we listened.

10. The Untouchables – Union Station

A great look at what it took to fight “The Chicago Way”

Excellent action and even the cinematography inside the station is perfect. The good guys win, and that’s what we were waiting for.


If they make an action movie, they better put a gunfight in it. The movies have always been a place where we could kick back, buy in, and watch what it took to win the West, see the good guy win, get revenge, and watch the villain get it in the end.

There’s a lot to choose from in the genre of the gun battle. What other scenes should be included here?

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10 of the Best Gunfights Ever Shown In the Movies [VIDEO]