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10 Best Dog Stories from Our 2015 Sporting Dog Contest [PICS]

The Sporting Dog Photo Contest is not only producing amazing photos of dogs all over the country, but some amazing stories as well. 

The 2015 Sporting Dog Photo Contest is happening now and entries have been pouring in from all over the country.

Not only are people sending in beautiful images of their sporting dogs, they are also telling us some incredible stories about their furry best friends.

The contest ends Oct.1, when we will name America’s Top Sporting Dog. Enter your own four-legged friend now to get some votes!

Here are the top 10 current stories of dogs in the running.

1. Pepper


Pepper is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and was born to bird hunt. This was her first Chukar hunt back in 2013 at only 5 mos old. She did get her first bird this day, just didn’t get the shot. We were camping way off the roads and it was hot in October. Well the next day we woke up to 6″ of snow on the ground and had to beat feet so our trailer didn’t get stuck. Needless to say that was the end of our hunting trip, but Pepper proved why WPG’s are so awesome.

2. Guinness


The rooster in picture was about a quarter mile track in a tree line. It was great cat and mouse hunt until a break in trees than a point with him quivering in excitement. Bird goes up than down with Guinness retrieving the big bird.

3. HappyHappy

Happy is a 4 year old yellow Labrador Retriever. From a young age, she has been following me everywhere in the bush, whether it’s for hunting, trapping, or fishing. Here she is photographed at my old trapping/hunting cabin during moose hunting season, where she had just heard a gun shot. She was very alert of her surrounding. As a female who loves the outdoors, having my female hunting dog with me is very empowering. I trained her myself and I am very proud of the training level I’ve got teach her. She retrieve’s like a pro either on land or water.. Happy is definitely America’s Top Sporting Dog.

3. Daisy


Reflections on child rearing is what makes Daisy America’s Top Sporting Dog. Manners and respect is what this dog has – she knows what is her’s or not in the house or field. She seems to know which duck or goose to get first – the one dad shot of course – ! Crashing though corn stubble or the icy water Daisy is going to get the job done! I am very proud of her training and desire to please as quit is not a part of her. I am also very proud of my son as he has taken on the challenge of training and caring for his girl. America’s Top Sporting Dog yes! I believe so America’s favorite Granddog – Definitly!

4. Jake


Jake was just an incredible gun dog. He’s been gone for some years now… but we’ll never forget his desire for training and his relentless pursuit of upland game. Jake was a flushing retriever sired by well-known FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go. Jake was home schooled by his owners who followed the training regiments outlined in the fine books; “Gun Dog”, “Game Dog”, “Water Dog” and “Duck Dogs” written by Richard A. Wolters. Jake was an able, ready and willing student. He learned his whistle commands and hand signals quickly, and was soon making multiple blind retrieves over land and through two ponds, all with geese parting a way for this energetic juvenile retriever. I’ll never forget an incident while throwing dummies at Murphy Lake for Jake. An errant throw of a dummy sent it well beyond a large deadfall. Un-phased Jake swam briskly on a line towards the dummy. Upon reaching the deadfall he nimbly climbed through it and picked up the dummy in open water. Without any hesitation Jake began his return on the same line. This time as he made his way through the deadfall, he fell backwards off a log and disappeared beneath the surface. Just as my wife asked how fast I could swim out there, Jake popped to the surface with the dummy still in his mouth, maneuvered over the log and through the deadfall to finish his retrieve. Jake saw his first upland season at the age of ten months. Quartering ahead of me, along the edge of a marsh between dune and swale, it wasn’t too long before the hard charging lab’s tail RPMs indicated he was on his first of many pheasants. The pheasant ran as pheasants do… through the heaviest cover they can find, into the marsh and up the hill into the oaks and then back into the marsh and so on. Unable to shake the pursuit of Jake the rooster burst cackling into the air. The bird made it thirty or forty yards before a charge of number sixes ended his flight plan and went down in very dense cover. Jake made the mark and soon delivered his first of countless pheasants. We limited out that day… and did so more often than not over the next thirteen years of Jake’s fourteen- year and four- month life. Jake hunted pheasant and quail in Indiana and Illinois. Neither state is noted for being a pheasant hunting destination. You have to work hard to harvest wild birds in these states, and it takes a damn good dog. Jake was a happy soul, a great companion and a pheasant’s worst nightmare.

5. Drake


Because of Agent Orange my legs have depleted so I got a dog to train to keep me active and have fell in love with him!!! I bought Drake at 8-weeks old and in May 2015 he turned a year old, I done all the training myself and he is a Flushing and Retrieving machine. Drake is an AKC English Cocker Field Bred

6. Zack


Zack was the most intense hunter I have ever hunted over…. He had a nose second to none and would hold a point forever and retrieved to hand… He help teach other GSP’s that I picked up over the years… Honoring points was another strong suite of his… A quick story, there was a hunt that 2 buddies and I went on, we were walking along a fence row on the way back to the car after we had obtained our limit in pheasants. A buddy was on one side of the row and the other two of us on the other side… It had snowed heavy the night before and the wind had picked up drastically throughout our hunt.. There were several stretches of the fence row that had blown into 3 to 4 foot drifts…. Well, Zack went on point, we looked everywhere and there were absolutely no pheasant tracks leading to or around the area…. I called a few times thinking it may have been one of his very rare false points but he refused to move…. After a few minutes my buddy asked me to hold his gun, he approached the drift and started kicking around this huge snow bank….. he whittled it down and finally got to the root cause of the point, a pheasant all huddled up trying to keep warm, he flashed the bird because he had our limit, I handed the gun back to my buddy and began walking again…. Walked a few steps only to realize Zack was still at the drift on point. We walked back and I handed my gun over and began stomping around in the remainder of the snow drift once again I found yet another rooster pheasant snuggled up trying to stay warm…. I flushed this bird and we started on our way once again… My guess is that my poor dog stood there in the freezing cold and wind for 15 minutes locked on point at a super huge snow drift with no chance of smelling anything, but he did.. The picture provided says it all….

7. Shadow


Shadow is game on. No matter what the game is. 25mph next to the 4 wheeler, keeps the backyard free of rats and squirrels, swims like a fish oh and he is usually the prettiest boy at the party. It’s no surprise that he took a split second opportunity as the shark did a blow by the boat and latched onto its dorsal fin. And in keeping the sporting way released it unharmed. He is good with children, guns and gators, a real Florida sporting dog!

8. Duke


Duke is one of those guys that people watch and say “man, that is a good, good dog.” Duke is the first dog I have ever trained, and thankfully, he was patient with me. One of the many reasons I appreciate Duke so much is that all he wants to do is please me. If he can make you happy doing it, he’s going to do it. This applies to duck hunting and really emerged on his first bird retrieve in 2014: a 200yd blind on a live Mallard. That retrieve took a good while, as he had to swim for 150 of those yards. Once he grabbed that bird up, not only was he having a good time, but he knew that I was having a good time. In truth, I was REALLY having a good time. From that bird on, Duke went from retrieving ducks, to being a knock-down drag-out hunter. I mean, he’s more into it than me. Half the time, in the duck blind, we’re cooking breakfast and having a big time, and I look around to find Duke. Most likely, you’ll find him sitting in his dog blind, staring at the sky. When he runs a retrieve on a live bird, he’ll hold it down with his paw and give it the stare-down, as if holding the bird in his mouth didn’t show his dominance enough. He is serious, and he puts on quite the show. Then, after he’s done his work for the day and we drive home, he’ll lay his head on my shoulder while I’m driving. All he wants to do is please you; in the house, in the truck, in the blind, and anywhere else you could possibly take him. Duke is just one of those good, good dogs.

9. Rio


Rio is my best friend. I have trained him to hunt birds and waterfowl. He is always eager to go to the family farm in Ocilla, Ga to run and hunt. Rio also rides and sits in the boat while I am fishing. We are both lost without the other. I have enjoyed him being a part of my life, I don’t know what I did before. A good companion and I am proud to call him my friend and family.

10. Shady


Shady’s first trailed deer at four months old. This was five years ago, she and I have both put on some weight but she is still ready whenever I say go. To think, no one wanted that odd little golden retriever with a birthmark on her nose. Boy did they miss out on a great dog.

There is still time for you to enter your sporting dog!

Head over to the Sporting Dog Photo Contest page and enter your pup. You could win up to $1,000 in prizes from Sportsman’s Guide.

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10 Best Dog Stories from Our 2015 Sporting Dog Contest [PICS]