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The 10 Best ARs for the Money [PICS]

AR-style rifles are all the rage for this year. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best values.

Here are our picks of the 10 best ARs for the money. They’re based on a number of things, including features, specs and best bang for the buck.

10. The Bushmaster M4 CM- 15 Series Quad Rail

Composite receiver, six position stock and other features. Retail price $865.86.


9. Black Forge Blue Youth M4 Rifle

Made for youth and small frame shooters! Retail price $979.


8. Colt AR15A4 Rifle

This rifle is in the classic format of the U.S. service rifle and has a retail price of $1,270.


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7. ArmaLite M15A4 16″ Tactical Rifle

Many features, like a double-lapped barrel and forged, flat top upper receiver. It comes in at a retail price $989.


6. DPMS Recon

This tactical rifle has a stainless steel barrel and many other attractive features. Retail price is $1,129.


5. Ruger AR-556 Autoloading Rifle

This is an amazing rifle and a total deal at a retail of $749.


4. Black Forge A3 FLAT TOP CARBINE 5.56 MM Rifle

All the features like sights, handguard, collapsible stock and removable carry handle, all at a retail price of $949.


3. Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber “SRC” California Compliant Rifle

Built to fit restrictions in California, the SRC has a receiver made of a molded carbon fiber composite, and has a retail price of $958.


2. Black Forge AR-15/M4 TIER 2 5.56 MM Rifle

Black Forge rifles come with a lifetime warranty, albeit limited. The retail price is $999.


1. Ruger SR-762 Autoloading Rifle

While not the lowest priced AR style rifle, it affords true big bore power of the .308 Winchester and 7.62 Nato cartridges in a great platform. Retail price $2195.


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The 10 Best ARs for the Money [PICS]