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10 Army Surplus Store Finds for the Outdoorsman

Army surplus stores have always been a haven for outdoorsmen and women to find great deals on tough equipment.

Check out these 10 best army surplus finds for the outdoorsman that you can find at the store or online.

10. MSS -30 Degree 4-Piece Sleeping Bag System

Midway USA

The MSS -30 Degree 4-Piece Sleeping Bag System is a tough bag to beat. It is actually two sleeping bags and a Goretex bivy sack to keep the user warm and dry. It is temperature rated from -30 to 50 degrees used as a system so it will work in all conditions.

9. Ammo can

Cheaper Than Dirt

The military ammunition can comes in a variety of sizes, are made of heavy steel and have rubber gaskets to seal out moisture.

8. Gas mask

Cheaper Than Dirt

Military gas masks are great for disasters and cleaning out that horrible deer camp outhouse. Check the seals before you buy to make sure they are still good and buy a new filter.

7. Camo clothing

Valhalla Military Surplus

Used military uniform pants, jackets and hats make excellent hunting wear thats durable and a fraction of the price of this year’s hottest camo pattern.

6. Coats

Valhalla Military Surplus

Military surplus coats in many different colors may match your hunting area extremely well and not break your wallet either.

5. Boots

Army Navy Deals

“Mickey Mouse Boots” are military surplus extreme cold weather boots that are warm, waterproof and available in black or white.

4. Packs and bags

Epic Militaria

Surplus bags of many different designs and capacities will allow the user to pick which one is right for them at a cheap price.

3. Duffels

Army Surplus World

The famous military duffle bag! This beast of a bag will haul whatever you can throw at it, and with its heavy construction, live to tell about it. Try that with your fancy lightweight heavy priced bag.

2. Waterproof pack liners


These bags are treated for waterproofness and tie up tight to protect the contents. Great for boats and other places your gear will get wet.

1. The military entrenching tool


This amazingly tough shovel will dig and chop way beyond what you would believe is even capable.

Great deals are available in the army surplus world, and these plus plenty more are just waiting to be given another purpose in the outdoors. Whether you’d use it for camping, hunting, fishing or something else, it was built for a purpose: to be strong and to last.

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10 Army Surplus Store Finds for the Outdoorsman