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10 Awesome Photos of Stuff Made from Antlers [PICS]

If antlers are like fingerprints, then there’s no better material to create one-of-a-kind furniture, sculptures and decor.

The Scene Into
The Scene Into

Today’s artisans find all sorts of inspiration from the discarded antlers of deer, elk and moose. From rustic sofas to chandeliers, both entrepreneurs and artists use their imaginations and antlers to sculpt a host of items that add touches of country and class to any environment.

Check out the slideshow to see 10 examples of awesome stuff made from antlers.

Elk-Antler Chaise

Cool Stuff in Paris

This delicate chair is housed in Paris’ Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature — the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

The Delta

Alaska Antler Works

Alaska Antler Works incorporated three moose antlers into this unique table design that is topped with custom-cut glass.

Holiday Antlers

Daily Mail

Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Western Design Conference showcased all sorts of antler-made furniture, as well as this unique Christmas tree.

Chairs and Sofa

Antler Furniture

With more than 50 years experience crafting furniture with naturally-shed antlers, Antler Furniture offers collectors an array of furniture made with antlers from red stag, roe deer, sitka deer, fallow deer or axis deer.


The Peak Antler Company

Antler-made chandeliers add a touch of elegance to any rustic space.

Antler Bench and Mirror

Maison and Objet

The Clock House Furniture line features a variety of furniture crafted in Scotland and made to order.


Flickr/Ethan Prater

As if you didn’t already have enough solid reasons to visit Bass Pro Shops, you can also check out these deer sculptures made of real antlers, located outside of Bass Pro in Manteca, California.


The World of Karen

Area Boy Scouts collected the antlers used to make each of the four arches that stand at each corner of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming town square.


New York Daily News

A Scotland couple that got married on less than $2 exchanged wedding rings carved from antlers.

Wine Rack


Just about anything can be made out of antlers provided you let the creative juices flow.

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10 Awesome Photos of Stuff Made from Antlers [PICS]